Surah An-Nisa

One of the most noteworthy surahs of the holy Al-Quran is Surah An-Nisa. It means “The Women”. This surah also includes some details about inheritance, marriage laws, how to deal with children and orphans, lawful practices etc. There are one hundred and seventy-Six (176) astonishing verses in it. Surah An-Nisa is the fourth surah of the holy Quran which is placed after Surah Al-Imran. Every verse of this surah is so heavenly that even your conscience can understand its inner meaning.

Some basic Information:

This Medinan surah was gifted with Three Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty Three (3763) words.   Those words aim at protecting the newly formed Muslim community by outlining acceptable behavior for Muslims. Actually, Surah An-Nisa is the combination of several speeches which was found in between third and forth Hizri year. This sura also includes Sixteen Thousand Three Hundred and Thirty-Two letters (16332).

  • Enlightenment of the Verses:

Among all surah’s of the Quran, verses of An-Nisa carries the most powerful meaning with it. As a matter of fact the almighty has gifted us this surah with unlimited blessings.

We can see that, verses are expressing Women’s right, the law of inheritance, prohibited and lawful degrees in marriage, the punishment of adulteresses.

Actually, all of these explanations are actually indicates Permission of four marriages for men, care of orphans, lawful women for marriage, men’s superiority over women as caretaker and protector as well. It’s a perfect indication towards women prestige and our attitude to the right thing. Into the middle point of Surah An-Nisa, we can reveal that, some guideline has been mentioned. Which is –“DO THE RIGHT THING”

In the end, this surah is somehow related to three major portions of this society and that are- social reorganization, the Islamic group of people and its opponents, and an ending.

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  • Reciting and Reading Benefits of This Surah:

Every surah of the Quran has much profit. Our life, our death, our activities all are totally attached with each word of all the surahs. However, Surah An-Nisa is made with some benefits for us. So, let’s know more about it.

  • Benefits of Reading surah An-Nisa

According to some great Hadith, Islamic scholars have revealed some extraordinary benefits of reciting of this surah. And these are-

  • One who reads this surah daily seven times, he or she will be able to get love or a lovely relationship between two people.
  • Reading this surah daily will bring peace in the grave after death.
  • If this surah is written on paper and clipped on the wall of a house, no unholy thing will bring harm to that house.
  • Those who recite this Surah daily, will get justice always even after death.

Final Words:

Surah an Nisa is a Madani Surah. It’s a surah of real life. You will know the value of Marriage and Slavery, Unlawful sexual intercourse, Incest, Female orphans, desertion by husband, and desirability of marital peace, Islamic view on Jesus’ death etc. One very important thing is, This Surah tells us regarding Jesus, as the prophet, not as the Son of Allah as it is claimed by Christians.

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