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Surah Ankabut PDF

The term “al-‘Ankabut” (spider) is derived from an allegory given in Sura forty-one verses. This sura talks about God’s oneness, symbols of God in formation, and combating idolatry. It provides accounts concerning the destiny of certain past prophets to comfort the few Believers at the start of Islam (a). Sura al-‘Ankabut discusses the beauty of the Holy Qur’an, as well as the evidence of the Prophet Muhammad’s (s) rightfulness and the arrogance of his enemies.

The Sequence and Location of Revelation

Sura al-‘Ankabut is a Surah from Makki. This was the Prophet Muhammad’s eighty-fifth surah that was identified to him (s). This is the twenty-ninth Surah of the Al – Quran, found between juz 20 to twenty-one.

Surah Ankabut PDF


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Surah Ankabut Transliteration in English

Surah Ankabut Transliteration

Surah Ankabut Translation in English

Surah Ankabut Translation

Frequency of Verses and Other Characteristics

Sura al-‘Ankabut is composed of 69 verses, 683 words, as well as 4321 characters. This sura is one of the Mathani Surah in size, measuring little over a hizb (one-fourth of a juz’).

Important Verses

Sura al-‘Ankabut’s forty-one and fifty-seventh verses are between its most popular. In line forty-one, Allah compares disbelievers’ dependence on illusions to a spider as well as its thin net, and also in line fifty-seven, Allah advises that each soul will feel death before being returned back to Allah. Discussing the advantages of reading this Surah, the Prophet Muhammad (s) said that whosoever recites Sura al-‘Ankabut would be repaid ten times for all Muslim or unbelievers [in history].

Surah Ankabut (Arabic: “The Spider”) is the 29th Surah of the Holy Qur’an, consisting of 69 verses. Because of the preface on Muslim slavery, this is a Meccan surah.

Benefits of Surah Al Ankabut

  • When you read this surat with surah Rum during the 23rd midnight of Ramadan, you will dwell in heaven, within future, absolutely a no hesitation. All such verses will be recorded as virtuous activities.
  • If you memorize Surah Ankabut, you can be awarded ten times the number of qualities as believing males and trusting women, hypocritical men, and hypocritical women.
  • When you copy this Surah on a porcelain dish, clean it with fresh water, then drink this, it will always heal trembling sickness (malaria), coldness, and periodic discomfort. Whoever splashes his face with this water will have a glowing face.
  • You would rest well if you recited Surah Al Ankabut while laying in bed, as well as softly massaging your abdomen.
  • Drinking water with Surah Al Ankabut gives immense pleasure and peace to one’s life.


This Surah consists of 69 verses split by seven Rukus/sections. It was discovered at Mecca during Muhammad’s starting years. Many Quranic scholars consider the first ten ayats of this Surah to be Madani because they reference liars and injustice.

To console and inspire the Prophet Muhammad and the Muslims. This Surah recounts the tales of Prophet Nuh/Noah, Ibrahim/Abraham, Lut, Shoaib, and Ad, Thamud, Korah/Qarun, Pharaoh, and Haman. It states that certain prophets and their believers faced adversity over many years but were supported by Allah. Allah’s support would undoubtedly come again. It recounts that when humans refuse God’s word as well as Allah chooses to destroy them, He spares no one saves all who accept; especially family members of the prophets could not avoid Wrath of God, nor could those who have a much of authority and riches in this world.

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