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Surah Muddaththir PDF

Muddaththir is the 74th sura of the Qur’an with 56 verses. It is a Meccan sura. The first sura revealed in Medina was Sura Baqara. It is also known as the “Surah of the Cloaked One”. Muddaththir means “the one who is covered/cloaked”. This sura was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) at a time when he was feeling isolated and alone. He had just been exiled from Mecca and was living in Medina. The Meccans had rejected him and he was feeling despondent. However, this sura gave him hope and strength. It reassured him that he was on the right path and that Allah was with him. This sura is full of hope and reassurance for the believer. It tells us that no matter how difficult our situation may be, Allah is with us and will never leave us alone.

Muddaththir is the 74th surah of the Quran. Its verses were revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) in Mecca. The surah takes its name from the word “muddaththir”, which appears in verse 4. This surah is a powerful reminder of the Day of Judgment. It starts with a warning to those who are heedless of the Hereafter. They are warned of the coming of the Day when all secrets will be laid bare and they will be called to account for their deeds. The surah then goes on to describe the scenes of that Day. It will be a day of great terror, when the heavens will be rent asunder and the earth will be shaken. On that day, people will wish that they had never been born. But there will be those who will be saved from the terror of that Day.

Surah Muddaththir PDF


Surah Muddaththir Audio MP3 | Tilawat

Surah Muddaththir Transliteration in English

Surah Muddaththir Transliteration

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Surah Muddaththir Transliteration

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