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Surah An-Nahl, The 16th chapter of the Holy Quran, meaning THE BEE, articulates how diligent honey bees are in comparison to humans. With many of the 128 beautiful verses of this surah, The Almighty Allah discusses his amazing creations including mountains, how they make the earth firm. The sura also describes Almighty’s bewildering works in heaven, earth and sea; concomitantly it warns us against idolatry, polytheism and shirk

Let us give you some important information on this mesmerizing Meccan surah. This surah consists of One thousand eight hundred and forty-four (1844) words, seven thousand eight hundred and thirty-two (78320 letters, sixteen (16) rukus and one sajdah

Surah Nahl PDF


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Surah Nahl Transliteration

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Summary of the Verses

In the very first verse of Surah An-Nahl we can see that The Almighty reminds us of his excellence, and of the infinite amount of power he possesses and warns us of man-made falls dummy gods that are no equal to the might of Allah; and many of the verses that followed gives us the clear proof of Allah’s might. Allah promises to give rewards to those who are righteous and give disgraceful punishments to those who are wicked. The Almighty also states that he gives the wrong doers time to repent as he is the most merciful. The verses also discuss how cattle produce milk and state that stars were created to point out the direction. In verses 86-87 Allah states that every nation was provided with its own prophets. In the verses 104-128, Allah discusses on Holy spirit aka angel Jibreel, punishment of non-believers, sins that took place because of ignorance, Halal (lawful) and Haram (unlawful) food, Treating infidels and many other things that we need to know in order to pass our lives in accordance with the teaching of The Holy Quran.

Reciting and Reading benefits of this surah:

Every Surah of the Holy Quran has some specific teachings for us to follow. Surah An-Nahl is not by any means different. Every verse of the surah teaches us some things that will help us lead our lives in accordance with the teaching of the Quran and guide our dependents to the right and straight path. The benefits of reading surah An-Nahl are mentioned below:

Benefits of  Reciting:

1.By reciting surah An-Nahl one will be able to know that it is better to be patient than retaliating.
2.By reciting the surah one will be able to become aware of lawful and unlawful foods
3.The surah will teach its reciter the benefits of becoming a righteous person and the disadvantages of becoming a nonbeliever

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