The Power By Rhonda Byrne PDF

The power Rhonda Byrne is a popular self-help book by the author of another popular book called The Secret. Power shares more information in the sequel and explains that everyone has already increased their capacity, they need to change their lives. They need to unleash that power and figure out how to harness it to …

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The Four Agreements PDF

The Four Agreements is a book by Mexican author Don Miguel Ruiz and was published in 1997. It outlines a simple but powerful code of conduct based on ancient Toltec wisdom. The book has sold over 10 million copies in the United States and has been translated into 46 languages. The book’s message is that …

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The Power of Now PDF

There is just no ending to the suffering of humankind. Some suffer from failure, some from heartbreaks, some financially, some dread life itself, some suffer from an existential crisis, and whatnot. You cannot blame them for having these thoughts because every single human tries to evolve by taking lessons from their past mistakes. But in …

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12 Rules For Life PDF

  A long time ago, I was a discouraged fellow. At that point, with God’s offer of assistance, I have chosen to halt feeling too bad for myself and create my potential. So, I speculated there must be gigantic starvation for a self-help book, supported up with religion, mythology,  and expressing the self-evident – one …

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The Bullet Journal Method PDF

Proper self-management requires one to be well organized, and that is exactly what Ryder Carol is trying to put across. By tracking your past activities, managing the present, and planning for the future at the same time, you get to narrow down your goals. This enables you to avoid unnecessary time-wasting activities that may make …

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