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Surah Ahzab PDF

Al-Ahzab (Arabic: الأحزاب‎) means the confederates, group of Families, and the combined forces. This surah is the 33rd surah of Quran with 73 verses is The sūrah takes its name from the mention of the confederates (al-aḥzāb), or confederates (an people of the tribe among the Quresh and other tribes), who fought the Muslims at the Battle of the Trench, also known as the Battle of the confederates and as the raising of Madinah.

Besides this discuss the important points of this surah Al Ahzab. Its English name is  The Confederates, it is revealed after the migration of prophet (PBUH) so it is Medianan (Approx.627-628 Ad), there are seventy-three (73) verses, total words of surah Al Ahzab are one thousand three hundred and three(1,303)and total letters are five thousand seven hundred and eighty-eight.

Surah Ahzab Full PDF


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Surah Ahzab Transliteration in English

Surah Ahzab Transliteration

Surah Ahzab Translation in English

Surah Ahzab Translation

Main characters in Surah

Lord, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Wives Of Prophet (PBUH),  Ahle Bait, Disbelievers, Whited sepulcher, People of the Scripture, Prophet Adopted Son Ziad

 Explanation of Surah Al Ahzab

In this   Surah warning for the Muslims to fear Allah and not follow these disbelievers Zihar (Declaring Wife as Unlawful that not become your mother), Wives Of Prophet Are Mother Of Believers, not speak in soft to men but speak inappropriate speech and this is the way of piety. Battle of Trench mention the Power and mercy, Bani Quraizah; Victory over neighboring Jewish Tribe, divorce option for Wives of the prophet and Double Punishment and double reward, Story Of Ziad that one of the wives of prophet adopted a son and the Allah order that adopted son is not your real son, Seal of The Prophethood, Lawful Women For Prophet, Etiquettes for Entering in Prophets house that no one enters the house without the permission of prophet and Parda/Hijab of women means that women should cover their head and faces with the piece of cloth.

Benefits of reciting the Quran

Quran is the Holy Book of Allah sent on Hazrat Muhammad(P.B.U.H) this book is for guidance about every matter of life and afterlife. Muslims and non-Muslims are getting unlimited benefits. We as Muslims can understand the teaching of Islam through the Holy Quran. Above all, this book is itself a miracle. Holy Quran comprises different Surah which is also used for different purposes like problems, blessings, and forgiveness. The beautiful names of Allah also create a lot of impact in our prayers. We can read and recite the Holy Quran for the blessings of Allah too. by reciting the Quran Allah will forgive us and give us a high rank in Jannah. Allah produces human beings for His worships, Allah gives us health, wealth, and many other blessings that’s why we say Alhumdulilah and thanked Allah by following His orders.

Authentic hadith about the benefit of reciting the surah Al Ahzab

Quran is the blessing of Allah, it’s every surah gives protection, blessings, and  rewards but we cannot find any authentic hadith regarding the benefit of reciting the surah AL Ahzab

Prophet(PBUH)) said:

“Whoever recites Surah Al Ahzab (Surah: 33), teaches it to his family and slaves, will be given safety in the grave”

The Muhaddithun have declared this narration a fabrication. The Hadith is not suitable to quote.

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