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Surah Jumuah PDF

Surah Jumuah is the 61st surah of the Quran and was revealed in Medina. It is a short surah consisting of 11 verses and is typically recited in one rakah. The surah derives its name from the mention of Jumuah, or Friday, in verse 9. Surah Jumuah is generally understood to be about the importance of attending the weekly congregational prayers on Friday. The first three verses establish the importance of prayer in general and the benefits that come from it. Verses 4-5 then discuss the specific importance of Jumuah prayers and how they are a means of attaining forgiveness from Allah. verses 6-8 give the believers instructions on how to prepare for Jumuah, and verses 9-11 remind the believers of the rewards that await those who faithfully attend the Jumuah prayers.

Surah Jumuah is the 62nd chapter of the Quran. It was revealed in Medina and is named after the day of Jumuah, or Friday. The surah addresses the importance of attending the weekly congregational prayer on Friday. It also stresses the importance of unity among the Muslim community.

Surah Jumuah PDF

Surah Jumuah

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Surah Jumuah Transliteration in English

Surah Jumuah Transliteration

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Surah Jumuah Translation

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