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One of the most significant surahs of the holy Al-Quran is Surah Al Imran. It means “The Family of Imran”. This surah also includes Saint Anne, Mary and Jesus. This third surah of the Quran holds two hundred (200) amazing verses in it. Every verse is so meaningful that your heart could say if it had the option to talk.

However, let’s know some important information about this surah. Besides, the above-mentioned verses, Surah Al Imran consist of Three Thousand Five Hundred and Three (3503) words. If you go deeper, there are Fourteen Thousand Six Hundred and Five letters (14605) in it. Moreover, there are twenty (20) rukus in this surah.

Explanation of the Verses:

Here, we have tried to clarify the verses. As we know, verses are produced for some purposes. However, Surah Al Imran signifies the following concept –

The almighty is one and self-present and it was instructed to believe in the Quran. Among much important information, you will be able to know about the punishment of Pharaoh, The battle of Uhud & Badar, The foundation of kabah etc. When we reach towards the last portion of this surah, we can know that verses are letting you know about avoidance of unbelievers, The miser’s doom, about the prayers of pious as well as the almighty’s sign of responding. We can also know that Surah Al Imran tells (via its 98-105) verses that, Muslims are warned against the friendship of Jews.

Final words say that certain believing Jews and Christians commended and it also adds about refrain to patience and perseverance.

Surah Imran PDF


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Surah Imran Transliteration

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Surah Imran Translation

Reciting and Reading Benefits of This Surah:

Every surah of the Quran has many benefits. We cannot imagine how those benefits can play vital roles in our daily life. However, Surah Al Imran is made with some benefits for human beings. The almighty has given blessing with every verse of this surah. So, let’s know more about it.

  • Benefits of Reading:
  • One who read this surah at Friday and till sunset, he or she will be eligible for the mercy of Allah and Angels will pray for his forgiveness.
  • If you are facing hardship like earning problems, this Surah will be helpful. You are required to write it on paper and wrap it in a cloth. Then wear it. Your hardship will be over.
  • For women, who want to have a baby, need to follow the same mentioned above.
  • This surah will be in the shape of a peaceful cloud during the Day of Judgment. You will not suffer from the scorching heat of that day if you are a regular recite of this surah.
  • For the unmarried persons who wish to get married should recite Surah Al Imran for consecutive 21 days. Most importantly, one must believe in it.

Final Words:

Surah Al Imran is a Madani surah. It’s a surah of guidance. You will know the value of being more careful and obeying the commands. Besides, it also teaches that, Allah has created heaves not only for those who do only good deeds but also for those who believe in hardship.


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