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Surah speaks of the right religion. Serve Allah faithfully and avoid sharks. Despite the blessing of Tauhid Allah, the shark had terrible consequences.

Believers are known not to be discouraged and not discouraged. If it is difficult to live a religious life, you can move to that land. Unbelievers can do whatever they want, but they cannot keep them away in the path of faith.

The Surah has taken its name in (39:71) and (39:73) concerning “AZ-Zumar” These are the only mentions of the word Zumar throughout the Qur’an. This Surah has 75 AYAT. The total number of words is one thousand one hundred and seventy-two. This Surah is MAKKI.

Surah Zumar PDF


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Surah Zumar Transliteration in English PDF

Surah Zumar Transliteration

Surah Zumar Translation in English PDF

Surah Zumar Translation

Explain the number, the indication of being one of God in nature (tawhid), and emphasize the absurdity of connecting God and his partner. It may also suggest the migration of saints experiencing great difficulty because they can worship God in their hometown. He also affirms so that there can be no reunion between suppose in the individuality of God and dealing with God. These sections also tell again people who read of other worlds, Muslims consider observing the consequences of their actions.

In final words, it is believed that it was revealed in the middle of the Makah era when the persecution of Muslims by polytheists was increasing, in connection with the time and background of what was believed (asbābalnuzul). The truth of monotheism (tauhid) and the superior results to accept it and the falsity of polytheism (Mushuriku) and the evil consequences behind it are the most powerfully explained and people. They encouraged them to give up their sinful lives and return to the mercy of their Lord.


  • Those who recite Surah Zumar with a low, clear voice give him honor and fame in this sense, even if he does not have property, wealth, family, or high-class profession. Also, in the next world, unlimited facilities will be granted. All Allah’s prophets are praying for him and seeking forgiveness. When the
  • Surah Zumar was written on paper and hung on his neck, and kept a pillow or under a pillow.
  • Anyone who came back praised the house, thanked him, became a fan of him, and was never against it. Don’t tell a bad story.
  • Anyone who raises this sura is paying them Jahanna Muharram
  • They will gain respect and honor from people
  • Anyone who raises this slide is reported to be giving him money from those who feared him without God despairing him on the Day of Judgment.
  • Everyone who sees him fears him, and he forbids the fires of hell to ignite his body.

Surah Zumar has 75 AYAT and was revealed in Makah. Like other Makah chapters, it primarily deals with Almighty God and the resurrection. People in hell and paradise invade their assigned settlements. In this chapter, the Lord Creation, Judaism, worshipping him focuses mainly on the proper and hidden worship of Jesus.

The presence of people on Judgment Day and they are being judged based on the witnesses’ testimony on the day they went and the sinners and devout entering the paradise of hell are further emphasized and explained in detail.

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