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Surah Muminun Full PDF – Arabic Text – Read Online

The  23rd Chapter of the Holy Quran is Surah Al mu’minun. Al mu’minun means The Believers. There are 118 mesmerizing verses in this chapter that are mainly on: Aqidah, Tawhid, Risalah, Resurrection, and Judgment of Allah.

In the first two verses, Allah ensures us that indeed the believers who humble themselves in prayer are successful. Further in this chapter, The Almighty discusses the prophets: Nuh(as), Hud(as), Mosa(as) and Isa(as).
The revelation period of this chapter is approx: 615-619 AD.

The Chapter Comprises One thousand and fifty-two (1052) words, four thousand four hundred and eighty-three (4483) letters and six hundred and twenty two unique words without repetition. There are six rukus and no sajdah in this chapter.

Surah Muminun Full PDF


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Surah Muminun Transliteration

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Summary of the Verses

In the first eleven verses, The Almighty Allah discusses the characteristics of a true believer and the rewards that the believers will get in the hereafter. Further in the surah, the verses tell us about the resurrection day, Nuh’s(as) preaching against idolatry and making of the ark to save himself and those who believe from the flood, how Allah judges men, the doom of the disbelievers and many other things related to Islamic faith and history including the history of Musa and Harun alaihissalam and how they got rejected by the society as impostors. The surah also discusses the story of Hud(as), the story of Pharoah and After death Barzakh (Barrier in-between).

Reciting and Reading benefits of this surah:

like every Surah of the Holy Quran, Surah Al mu’minun also has some specific teachings  for us.Every verse of the surah teaches us somethings that will help us lead our lives in accordance with the teaching of the Quran and guide our dependents to the right and straight path. The benefits of reading surah Al mu’minun are mentioned below:
Benefits of Reciting:
1. By reciting surah Al mu’minun one will understand what it takes to become a true believer.
2. This surah tells us the stages of creation in mesmerizing detail.
3. The surah will teach its reciter that he/she should not ever think in times of problems that Allah has abandoned him/her.He should rather prey to Allah and believe that Allah’s help is very near.
4. The recitation of the surah will make the reciter familiar with the stories of many significant prophets of Islam.
5.This surah teaches its reciter by the story of prophet Nuh(as) that Allah saves those who believe and the reciter will learn that Allah helps the person who seeks protection in Ar-Rahman and doom is certain for the unbelievers.

7. Through the recitation of the Surah Al mu’minun the reciter will be able to learn, how many significant prophets lead their life and will be able to follow their lifestyle to come nearer to The Almighty Allah.

Surah Al mu’minun is of course one of the most important chapters of The Holy Quran as it discusses highly important topics Of Islam and discusses the history of Islamic prophets. Hence reciting this chapter of The Holy Quran will surely benefit the reciter in this world and in here after, if Allah wills.

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