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Surah Insan PDF

Surah Insan is the 76th surah of the Qur’an. It was revealed in Medina and has 31 verses. The title of the surah is derived from the mention of the word “insan” in verse 4. This surah is a Madani surah. Madani surahs are those that were revealed in Medina after the Prophet ﷺ migrated from Mecca. The Madani surahs generally deal with social and moral issues. Surah Insan addresses the issue of social inequality. It starts off by reminding us that Allah is the Lord of all creation and that we are all from Adam and Eve. We are equal in the sight of Allah regardless of our race or tribe. The surah then goes on to address the issue of those who hoard wealth and do not help the poor and needy. Allah will judge them on the Day of Judgment.

Surah Insan is the 76th and last surah of the Quran. It was revealed in Medina, and is named after the word “insan” which appears in verse 4. This surah has 31 verses, and was revealed after the Battle of Badr. This surah teaches us about the reality of this world, and how it is fleeting. It also teaches us about the hereafter, and how to prepare for it. This surah is a reminder that this world is not our permanent home, and that we should focus on the hereafter. In this surah, we learn about the different stages of life, and how each stage has its own challenges and tests. We also learn that Allah is always with us, and will never leave us alone. This surah is a reminder that we should not get too attached to this world, and that we should always be prepared for the hereafter.

Surah Insan PDF

Surah Insan

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Surah Insan Transliteration

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