Be Here Now by Ram Dass

In his book, “Be Here Now,” Ram Dass explores the idea that we should be present in the moment and not dwell on past or future events. He advocates for living in the here and now, and enjoying life to the fullest. This philosophy can be applied to many areas of life, including work, relationships, and spirituality.

When we are fully present in each moment, we can more fully appreciate all that life has to offer.

The Practice of Being Here Now – The Listening Heart

Ram Dass’s book Be Here Now is a spiritual classic that has inspired generations of seekers. In it, Ram Dass explores the nature of reality and our experience of it. He offers practical advice for living in the present moment and achieving inner peace.

The book is filled with wisdom and insight that can help us to live more fully in the here and now.

Be Here Now Book

Ram Dass’s book “Be Here Now” is a spiritual classic that has influenced generations of seekers. In it, Ram Dass explores the nature of consciousness and shares his own journey of self-discovery. He offers practical advice for living in the present moment and accessing our higher selves.

“Be Here Now” is an essential guide for anyone on a spiritual path.

What is the Message of Be Here Now?

Be Here Now is a 1971 book by Ram Dass that became popular during the counterculture movement of the 1960s and 1970s. The book’s message is that one should live in the present moment and not dwell on past or future events. It advocates for mindfulness and meditation as a means to achieve this goal.

Be Here Now has been influential for many people, including some who have gone on to become prominent spiritual teachers themselves.

What is Remember Be Here Now About?

Ram Dass’s book, Remember Be Here Now, is about his spiritual journey and how he came to find inner peace. He talks about his experiences with meditation and other spiritual practices, and how they have helped him to find a sense of calm and clarity in his life. He also shares some of the wisdom that he has learned along the way, in hopes that it will help others to find their own path to inner peace.

Who First Said Be Here Now?

Ram Dass is the author of the 1971 book “Be Here Now”. The title comes from a phrase he heard while in India, which was originally uttered by Krishna to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita.

What Does the Cover of Be Here Now Mean?

The cover of Be Here Now features a mandala with the words “Be Here Now” written inside. The mandala is a symbol of wholeness and unity, and the phrase “Be Here Now” reminds us to stay present and focused in the moment. This book is about mindfulness, meditation and spirituality, so the cover perfectly represents its contents.


In his book, Be Here Now, Ram Dass explores the idea of living in the present moment. He advocates for a life that is lived with intention and mindfulness.Ram Dass draws on his own experiences as well as those of others to illustrate the importance of being present. He shares stories of people who have found peace and happiness by living in the moment.

He also discusses the ways in which we can all benefit from being more mindful.Ram Dass provides practical tips for how to live a more present life. He encourages readers to let go of their attachments and to focus on what is most important. By doing so, we can find greater peace and joy.

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