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Paradoxical Sajid 1 & 2 are the most read books written by Arif Azad. On February 9, 2017, the first part of this book was first published in the yearly national book fair by the Guardian Publications. Then it became a bestseller. Letter on, it is translated into two languages in English and Assamese.

The main character of these books, Sajid, is a fictional friend of the writer, Arif Azad. In this Paradoxical Sajid, the author highlighted the questions about Islam. Moreover, the omnipotence paradox and destiny covered most of the book.

Interestingly, you may surprise to know that Arif Azad started writing these short stories on his Facebook page, but letter these short stories turn into a book.

Though this is an Islamic book, it has gained appreciation from every Muslim and non-Muslim. Even there is an argument that these books reflect the non-fiction genre than fiction. However, these two books, Paradoxical Sajid part 1 and part 2 made the author Arif Azad famous in Bangladesh.

Paradoxical Sajid 1 PDF



In Paradoxical Sajid (part 1), the author, Arif Azad, represented Sajid as an ex-Muslim atheist. Incidentally, He faced a short debate with his friend, Arif Azad. Then Sajid becomes a Muslim.

Letter on when he becomes a Muslim started to argue with his friends, relatives, teachers, and even with unknown people. But interestingly, he debates with his friends, teachers, and relative, showing the proper logic, science, and evidence.

You will find that Arif Azad has written about 22 short stories showing the logic and evidence about the almighty God in this book.

Sajid takes the truth always, and he possesses so much bold personality. Once he experienced the journey that confront the lies and that led him off target. But he every time dissemble the misleading or false questions. This type of bravery of Sajid makes the reader think about the scenario, which sometimes awakens their thoughts and creates concerns among the people.

The most attractive characteristic of Sajid is that he never calls others by name or by any foul name. Even Sajid always shows the proper evidence and correct logic. In these books, Sajid describes science from the religious view, which attracts the reader mainly.

The writer clarifies that who practice false tactics in his or her life always legs behind and never gain believability of others.

In the end, Arif Azad also added the references on which the logic and debates have been established.

Paradoxical Sajid 2 PDF



In Paradoxical Sajid (part 2), the author represents his argument by the character Sajid. Here, Sajid argues so many logics against atheism.

About 15 short stories are written by the author Arif Azad in the Paradoxical Sajid part 2. In the second story, he titled it “A Reply to Christian Missionary,” which is about Jesus.

Even Arif Azad represents the logic and scientific evidence about the doctrine of the evolution of Darwin in this second part. Moreover, in another short story, he also discussed oceanography, where Sajid represents the all-over scenario from the author’s viewpoint.

In Paradoxical Sajid part 2, the author found the logic behind the faith, as you will see the cover of this book which contains a light that delegates the truth around the superstition. Moreover, he shows the unique melody of the believing soul.

Faith is a different thing that cannot be measured by the scale of causes or by any logic. The author represented that how people deal with reality and should be courageous like Sajid. The book answers the question that either argument is liberation or liberation in the argument of faith.

Once again, Arif Azad shows by this book that people believe those things which are accepted by others. It is like a trend in our society. But which is once gained the believability, no one researches its truthiness.

So, Arif Azad has tried to send the message to all that it is necessary to be like Sajid, who steps towards finding the truth and proof them.

About Arif Azad – Born, Schooling, Family Background and Work

Arif Azad is a famous Bangladeshi writer. Dr. Shamsul Arefin said, “Arif Azad is a living illustration” when praising writer and activist Arif Azad.

On January 7, 1990, Arif Azad was born in Chittagong. He completed his secondary education at Chittagong Zilla School. His father is a businessman, and his mother is a housewife. His Marital status is married.

Arif Azad is a Bangladeshi author and became active as a writer in 2016.  He has written more than two books, and they became the bestseller in “Ekushey Boimela.” His first work is “Paradoxical Sajid.”

Arif Azad’s Most Famous Books:

  • Paradoxical Sajid
  • Arin Ali Somipe
  • Sottokothon
  • Prottaborton
  • Paradoxical Sajid (Part 2).

Arif Azad also established the “As Sadik Foundation” Charity organization.

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