What Is Microsoft Print To Pdf

What is Microsoft print to pdf? Well, a lot of people are always asking us to answer this question, and today we will explain.

Print to PDF Microsoft Windows

It’s now possible to save and print a document in pdf format in windows without using any expensive solution like Adobe Acrobat Pro. Thanks to the Windows-based computer’s built-in capability, you can directly print any document to PDF on your computer without using any additional software but a connected printer.

This great self-contained function is particularly useful for Windows users to store, email, and manage files as PDF format files.

Windows comes with the built-in PDF Printer, which supports a print document and saves it in PDF format. Moreover, one that you can let you quickly Save your files to PDF.

If you actually want to use this useful function, please note that once a document has been saved as PDF on Windows, it will turn to a read-only file. It means that you can’t edit the file which has been changed to PDF anymore. So if you try to create a PDF document on Windows from any file, please remember to make a copy of your original file first!

Below are the detailed instructions to show you how to print and save as PDF on Windows. Just follow the steps below to create a PDF doc on Windows from any of your documents.

How to Print to PDF on Windows?

From windows seven onwards, it is now possible to automatically print to pdf. The option is under your printer dialog button but instead of choosing your default printer, then select print to file. When you actually click the print button, it will automatically save the document as a pdf depending on your chosen destination folder.

To activate print to file and pdf, then you need to follow the below process.

Step 1: Open the document you want to print to a PDF and select “Print…” from the “File” menu. You can also press Command-P to enter the printing dialog sheet such as this will appear:

Step 2: Click on the button located in the lowest bottom of the dialogue window that appears and states print to file.

Choose to save as pdf on Windows.

Tips: To create a PDF of your print job, you can choose the “Save as PDF” option from the PDF drop-down list. PDF files follow a series of printing-related requirements not found in standard PDFs and are used by professional print shops.

Step 3: In the pop-up “Save” window, you can select the destination to save the PDF document. Once you’ve done all the settings, you can then click the “Save” button to save the document as a PDF in the Windows file folder you’ve set.

Final Words

Windows has made it very easy to convert a document to pdf, and you can also create a PDF file of a document on Windows by clicking the “Preview” button in the Print dialog as well as the first pictures shows above. In the “Preview,” you can choose “File > Save as” to create a PDF on Windows from the document you are viewing.

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