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Proper self-management requires one to be well organized, and that is exactly what Ryder Carol is trying to put across. By tracking your past activities, managing the present, and planning for the future at the same time, you get to narrow down your goals. This enables you to avoid unnecessary time-wasting activities that may make you seem busy yet, you are not productive. If you have been battling with self-management issues or looking for a way to make your days more productive then, this is a must-read for you.

The Bullet Journal Method Track the Past Order the Present Design the Future PDF

the bullet journal method track the past order the present design the future pdf

Getting started on the bullet journal method

Unlike any other novel that you have come across, Ryder Carrol’s bullet journal method comes with a custom notebook, and you can get one that is specifically for your country. Using the notebook, you can start your bullet journal following the simple instructions that are clearly provided in the book. Otherwise, keep in mind that the bullet is prepared so that your daily, monthly, and plans are captured.

The Bullet Journal by Ryder Carrol gets more practical because there are handwritten examples in the book that will make your work easier. With that stated, it is safe to say that this book is for everyone, including those who want to start learning about the bullet journal today. Besides, everyone has the freedom to self-improvement, and the Bullet Journal is one of the perfect ways to do it.

A glimpse of the bullet journal method notebook

To start off your bullet journal, you need to understand the following sections of the journal

The Index page

More like tables of contents, the index page helps you to know where everything is located. The only difference is that you get to fill up your index page as you move. The index page includes details like page number and what the stated page entails.

Future log

Future logs are the general goals that you need to tackle in the future. Keep in mind that achieving a particular goal can require other activities. For example, if your general plan to lose weight through work out, you will need to get a daily workout program. In this scenario, “losing weight” goes to your future log.

Monthly log

The monthly log breaks down your future log further. Here you will need to clarify the things that you need to achieve in that month. The monthly log in your Bullet Journal helps you keep track of your monthly activities regarding your main goal.

Daily log

Your everyday activities go here, including the things you plan to do on specific days. At times, accomplishing all your daily plans can be impossible. The daily log can help you identify the pending tasks so that you can abandon or reschedule them for your next month’s tasks.

What to expect after The Bullet Journal by Ryder Carrol

The Bullet Journal Method is not the kind of book you will read and keep what you have learned in your brain. You will have to apply it in your real life or, else, there is no need to get a copy. Perhaps you may not be into the self-management bit of it, but Ryder Carrol shares vital insights that can help you to overcome some of your worst habits. Human beings are known to shift their focus to where their interests are to the level that they forget some important things in life. You will get to avoid all this through proper tracking of your daily activities, as shown in The Bullet Journal by Ryder Carrol


Reading is healthy so long as it makes you a better person. Traditionally, reading books makes us smarter, and Ryder Carrol takes his book beyond this aspect to prove that books can also make your life smarter. With simple instructions that anyone can follow, this is the kind of book that will move you from your current stagnant position to a more meaningful kind of life. If you are not the kind of person who fancies writing everything down, then this book may challenge you. However, the life lessons and some real-life situations tackled by Ryder Carrol will not need you to take notes to impact your life.

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