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Xanathar’s Guide to Everything PDF

Have you ever come across Xanathar’s Guide to Everything? Although many fifth edition books have gotten released in the past few years, not any of them has new mechanical content like Xanathar’s. Through this fantastic guide, you will find significant new player options together with everything you have wanted to see in any core book extension. These include new forms of magic, spells, monsters, and further GM advice and systems. It is interesting. Continue scrolling down the article to experience a new dawn in plays with this fantastic Xanathar Guide.


Xanathar’s Guide to Everything PDF

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[5th Edition] Xanathar’s Guide to Everything Pdf Free Download

Book Name Xanathar’s Guide to Everything
Format PDF
File Size 84 MB
Price Free
Edition 5th
Pages 501
Hardcover Buy now on Amazon
Pdf free download link Google Drive


Creating lively characters is the most crucial part of any play. In all honesty, you can’t keep the game moving without one. With the available Player Handbooks today, they come with class options as well as a few subclasses.

They help you understand how to define characters and identify their abilities. However, with Xanathar, 32 new options are distributed among 12 classes to help you bring your characters alive and well fleshed out.

Below are fantastic subclasses that this book has to offer. Check them out below:

  • Samurai Fighter Archetypes

Xanathar identifies the Samurai archetype of fighters that are purely offensive and martial. It helps to give your fighter character the flavor and personality of a real warrior. Hence, as a character, you will gain the ability to strike harder against your enemies.

Lastly, even if your foes strike you down, your indomitable spirit comes back to life to defeat your striking enemies.

  • Bard Colleges of glamour

Typically, bards get built around charisma and have the power to allure their audience. On the contrary, bards who study in the college of glamour in Xanathar, inter-twine magic into their performance.

Hence, with such a technique in a play, it is possible to charm your audience for an extended period. As the character grows, it brings out a majestic aura, which gives them the power to command other individuals making it difficult for them to attack you.

  • Ranger Archetype and Horizon Walker

Interestingly, the guide introduces stalkers and hunters that are quite versatile as fighters. However, they are neither martial nor spell casting fighters. They are a great middle-ground between the two with comic traits.

What is impressive is that the ranger archetype characters can teleport and hop from one plane to another at the time of an attack.

  • Warlock Pact Characters and Celestial Patron

It is one of the best sub-classes in the guide that allows you to play something unique and contradicting.  Although warlocks get often expected to bring evil and chaotic with their patrons, Xanathar enables you to create warlocks with reasonable force and influence.

Moreover, as a character, you gain powerful healing spells to heal yourself and your allies. Surprisingly, even if you get defeated in combat, you will regain your energy back with an explosion.

  • Sorcerer Origin and Shadow Magic

The guide completely changes the way we look at various classes. It uniquely adds a touch of normalcy by helping you create characters who assume a shadowy form to resist damage. Besides, through this technique, you can create characters who have the power to summon ill omen to attack their enemies.

  • Cleric and grave domain

From other play guides, clerics are forces of light to the world. However, this guide has clerics of the grave domain that go the extra mile to show clerics tied to death gods and not life. Hence, using this subclass in your plays allows you to curse your enemies for getting damage while protecting you and friends from attacks.

  • Oath of Conquest and Paladin Sacred Oath

The guide provides a different approach to oaths of conquest different from the previous noble and righteous affirmations. It depicts other paladins who want to rule with iron fists and shuts anyone who opposes their rules. Acting using this oath means that you need to instill fear in your enemies to grant you success in your attacks.

  • Rogue Archetype and Swashbuckler

Rogues tend to get cunning and sneaky and entirely rely on their martial powers to defeat their enemies. Surprisingly, the guide introduces the swashbuckler kind of rogue to control their enemies and win on the battlefield. They are known for their swiftness and confidence to attack.

  • Barbarian Prime Path and Path of the Zealot

It is a simple class where a character is so fast to anger and doesn’t think twice to kill. However, the zealot’s path in the guide takes the rage in its characters and channels it to give a religious purpose.

Besides, it helps you create barbarians devoted to the deity and encourages your attacks while inspiring your friends and allies to fight one no matter what happens.

  • Monk tradition and the way of the sun soul

It is a unique class significantly borrowed from kung fu shows. You must have come across such movies, and you bear witness that such shows use Ki points to bring out unique talents and abilities. Similarly, the Way of the Soul in Xanathar is no different as it uses the same techniques. It creates a sphere that massively explodes to create immense damage to its foes.


Are you curious to know the new feats in Xanathar? The guide has an array of exciting stunts that you can adopt as a character. Each of the tricks you choose gets tied to one or more races. You will have a choice to take up a particular race in the form of their physical appearance, culture, history, or magic.

To help you understand more about new features in this fantastic guide, below are fifteen new racial feats that you can adopt as a character.

  1. Bountiful luck

It is an exciting feat in the guide that takes racial lucks to another high level. It allows you to share your newly found race with your allies. It gives you a chance to engage in something mighty that is of great advantage or disadvantage to your supporters.

  1. Dragon fear

As a dragon-born, it instills in your dragon abilities. You will have a frightening roar that activates fire the moment you breathe out at your enemies. Interestingly, like a dragon, you will only target to burn-up creatures of your own choice and not everyone in the same vicinity.

  1. Dragonhide

Having a dragonhide as an armor gives you dragon traits that a dragon-born doesn’t have, such as scales and claws. It would serve to provide you with that authority and instills fear into your enemies and subjects.

  1. Drow High Magic

It allows you to have an innate spellcasting ability. You will use a particular language that fuels powerful spell casting stronger than those of your enemies.

  1. Dwarven fortitude

Having dwarfs among your characters adds flavor and humor to the play. They serve to engage in combat healing, followed by a dodge action. Hence, bringing out the crazy feats in them.

  1. Elven accuracy

Including elves in your play helps to heighten your attacks. Besides, it also allows you to revisit a missed episode, especially if you didn’t win in the first instance. It is a racial feat open to both elves and half-elves alike.

  1. Fadeaway

It is one of the most exciting feats that allows characters to have a reflexive invisibility trick. Interestingly, it is a suitable defense mechanism, especially if you need to dodge other creature’s attacks.

  1. Fey teleportation

Teleportation allows you to hop from one place to another. Having the power to cast misty step spells gives you an advantage over your foes.

  1. Flames of Phlegethos

It is an exciting fire casting feat. If a fire is your arsenal, it is a fantastic feat to damage your short-term damage. Although its damage shield loses its strength, it adds to your power.

  1. Infernal constitution

Do you need immunity? The infernal feat is a little feat that gives you immunity to poison and cold. Luckily, it serves to keep you alive in case you get exposed to extreme conditions.

  1. Orcish fury

It gets meant for those characters who like to play a half-orch weapon wielder. Taking up such a role demands endurance to allow you to strike back promptly in case of an attack.

  1. Prodigy

Prodigy is a racial feat meant for human characters, half-orcs, and half-elves. It is intended for the skilled class to bring out a desired outcome in the play.

  1. Second chance

Do you have a soft spot for halflings in your play? The second chance is a racial feat meant for halflings to provide them another opportunity to evade trouble. Giving characters a second chance to attack provides them with time to create crucial hits that mostly see them win in a battle.

  1. Squat nimbleness

Xanathar introduces a new feat meant for dwarves and small-short races. It is a unique feat in the guide that gives dwarfs proficiency in acrobatics to deal with grappling monsters in the play. Hence this giving the short race’s success an advantage over the demons.

  1. Wood Elf Magic

It is an impressive utility spell that works well for wood elves. Using the elf magic as a character makes you immune to non-magical tracking by those who do not have magical powers.


Apart from new sun classes and feats, the Xanathar guide contains several spells to help characters choose one appropriate play. Attacks give you play a joyous moment that draws the attention of the audience to its fullest.

Below are several new spells contained in this guide.

  1. Abi-Dalzim Horrid Wilting: 8th Necromancy

It is one of the darkest types of witchcraft and magic. If you decide to use this kind of spell, you will have to draw moisture from anyone within a 30-meter radius. Creature and plants alike with no magical powers tend to die and fade.

  1. Tenser’s Transformation: 6th Transmutation

It is normal to find that sometimes the battle is very tough with all magical spells failing; however, with this kind of magic, the final resolution spell when everything is grumbling down in combat. It provides you with the last shot you need to win but comes with extreme exhaustion at the end of the battle.

  1. Crown of stars: 7th Evocation

It is a magic spell casting that produces seven little stars on your forehead when you cast them. You can use these stars to hit your foe to create a massive amount of damage.

  1. Wrath of nature: 5th Evocation

Both Druids and Rangers can use this magic spell to draw connections from nature. As much it is considered as an epic and intense spell, it is also extremely harmful. You can use it to lash against you foes by uprooting trees, rocks, and vineyards to prevent your enemies from escaping.

  1. Invulnerability: 9th Abjuration

The invulnerability spell grants its characters impeccable immunity to damage for a few minutes. Unlike your foes, you will have an untouchable ability for even up to a hundred turns.

  1. Psychic Scream: 9th Enchantment

Psychic Scream is a fantastic spell to add to your character. Although it looks simple, its effects are devastating to its foes.

  1. Ceremony: 1st Abjuration

It is a low-level type of spell meant for paladins and clerics. Interestingly, it has cleansing abilities coupled with religious devotions. It is appropriate for performing weddings and cleanses other characters of their wrong-doings.

  1. Danse Macabre: 5th Necromancy

It is a particular spell that can raise five corpses to live at once. You are free to select whether your newly found corpses will adopt a skeleton form of zombies. Besides, you can command them to attack your enemies.

  1. Illusory dragon: 8th Illusion

Illusion wizards can use such a type of dragon to cast their spells. The caster can create a magical dragon to attack its foes in a battlefield using its breath weapon. Your rivals cannot hit on the dragon easily, and if they do, it will cause immense damage.

  1. Mental Prison: 6th Illusion

If you wish your characters to have a more chaotic spell, creating a mental prison is essential. It is a type of magic that holds the mind of your enemies. The enemy tends to believe that he is trapped in a hostile environment leaving psychic damage in the foe’s mind.


Are you now satisfied? By now, you have everything you have ever needed in a play guide. Please go through our exciting masterpiece to grow into a pro in both writing and acting plays. Give your characters a lively touch by adopting the new rules, feats, and sub-classes not common in most performed plays today. Xanathar Guide to Everything is a play guide that would solve all your problems when creating impeccable characters.

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