How to Introduce a Guest Speaker Sample Introduction Pdf

It is my great pleasure to introduce ____________ who will be our guest speaker today. ___________ is a renowned expert in the field of ___________ and has graciously agreed to share his/her insights with us. I am sure that we will all benefit greatly from what he/she has to say.

So, without further ado, please join me in welcoming ___________!

  • Determine who the guest speaker will be and what they will be speaking about
  • Introduce the guest speaker to the audience
  • Give a brief introduction about the guest speaker and their topic of conversation
  • Thank the audience for their time and attention

How to Introduce a Speaker in a Webinar Example

When introducing a speaker in a webinar, it is important to give some context about who the person is and why they are qualified to speak on the topic. For example, you might say something like, “Our next speaker is Dr. John Smith, who is a leading expert on XYZ topic. He has published several books on the subject and has been teaching courses on XYZ for over 20 years.” After providing some context about the speaker, it is also important to give an overview of what the speaker will be discussing.

For example, you might say something like, “Dr. Smith will be sharing with us his insights on how to XYZ…” or “Dr. Smith will be giving us an overview of the ABC approach to XYZ…” This will help set expectations for attendees and ensure that they are able to follow along with the presentation.


How Do You Introduce a Guest Speaker Sample?

It is always an honor to introduce a guest speaker. This introduction provides an opportunity to highlight the credentials and accomplishments of the individual while also providing context for the audience about why this person was invited to speak. The following tips will help you write and deliver an effective introduction for a guest speaker.

1. Do your research Before you start writing, take some time to learn about your guest speaker. Read their bio, check out their website or blog, and see if they have any social media presence.

Look for interesting facts or stories that you can share with your audience to help them connect with the speaker on a personal level. 2. Keep it brief No one likes a long-winded introduction, so try to keep yours under two minutes.

Get straight to the point by highlighting the speaker’s most relevant qualifications and why they are uniquely suited to address the topic at hand. 3. Engage your audience An effective introduction will capture the attention of your audience and make them want to hear more from the guest speaker.

Start strong with a hook that grabs attention and piques curiosity.

What Should I Say When Introducing a Guest Speaker?

When introducing a guest speaker, it is important to be brief, professional, and enthusiastic. You should avoid personal anecdotes or jokes, as they can make the speaker feel uncomfortable. It is also important to introduce the speaker’s topic and explain why the audience should care about it.

How Do You Introduce a Good Speaker?

When introducing a good speaker, it is important to be brief, sincere, and enthusiastic. The introduction should be no longer than 30 seconds. It is also important to avoid using jargon or technical terms that the audience may not understand.

When introducing a speaker, you should always state their full name and title before introducing them.

How Do You Introduce a New Speaker in a Presentation?

When introducing a new speaker, it is important to be brief and to the point. The introduction should include the speaker’s name, title, and a short sentence or two about their topic. It is also important to introduce the speaker in a positive light and to make sure that the audience knows that they are an expert on the subject.



Are you looking for tips on how to introduce a guest speaker? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ll give you a sample introduction that you can use as a guide, as well as provide some tips on what to say (and not to say) when introducing a guest speaker.

So read on, and make sure you’re prepared the next time you need to introduce someone at an event!

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