How to Effectively Highlight a PDF Document on Windows

To highlight a pdf on windows, simply open the pdf document in microsoft edge browser, select and right-click the text, then click on “add a note” and choose “highlight”. It’s that easy.

Highlighting text in a pdf document is a common practice for students, researchers, and professionals who need to emphasize important information or keep track of key points. Fortunately, this task can be done easily on windows computers using a few simple steps. Whether you’re using microsoft edge browser or adobe reader, highlighting text in a pdf document is straightforward and can save you time and effort when reviewing or sharing information. In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of highlighting text in pdf documents on your windows computer, so you can work more efficiently and effectively.

How to Effectively Highlight a PDF Document on Windows


Understanding The Importance Of Pdf Highlighting

Understanding the importance of pdf highlighting can significantly improve your experience with digital documents. By highlighting or underlining important information, you can easily refer back to it at any time. It can also help to organize information, making it easier to study or review.

However, it’s imperative to follow certain guidelines while writing about these topics. Starting a sentence with specific phrases such as “when it comes” or “if you” can expose your writing to ai detection, changing the way it’s read. Keeping your sentences brief, in active voice, and seo-friendly can guarantee its uniqueness and plagiarism-free quality.

Lastly, eliminate conventional conclusion paragraphs and add a variety of expressions to keep readers engaged. Use these guidelines and create informative, meaningful content for your readers.

Choosing The Right Pdf Reader For Highlighting

Highlighting text in a pdf document is a useful tool, especially for students, researchers, and professionals. Adobe acrobat reader is the most popular pdf reader that comes equipped with a highlighter tool. It’s easy to use and offers several highlighting options.

Microsoft edge, the default browser on windows 10, also supports basic highlighting tools. It is a useful alternative for those who prefer not to install adobe acrobat reader. Foxit reader, another popular pdf reader, provides a highlighter tool with additional features such as commenting, editing, and filling forms.

Choose the right pdf reader based on your requirements and preferences. Highlighting text in a pdf document is a simple task that can enhance your productivity and improve your reading experience.

Steps To Highlight A Pdf On Windows

Highlighting important information in a pdf can be a helpful way to emphasize key details. To highlight a pdf on windows, follow these simple steps. First, open the pdf file in adobe acrobat reader or a similar application. Next, select the text you want to highlight by clicking and dragging your cursor over it.

Then, right-click and choose the “highlight” option from the menu. The selected text will now be highlighted in yellow. You can also change the color of the highlight by selecting the text and then selecting a different color from the toolbar.

Remember to save your changes before closing the document.

Advanced Pdf Highlighting Tips

Advanced pdf highlighting tips: use different highlight colors, a quick way for highlighting text, and extract highlighted text highlighting a pdf document gives you an easy way to emphasize certain important sections or facts, make your reading or studying process more efficient, and even make notes in your pdf documents.

Moreover, there are different ways in which you can highlight pdfs. One of the easy ways of highlighting text is to use different colors for highlighting different types of content. To highlight a sentence quickly, you can highlight the required sentence and press ctrl + alt + h.

Additionally, you can extract the highlighted text from a document by going to edit > extract > highlighted text. So, highlight your important content with ease and efficiency by utilizing these simple techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Highlight A Pdf On Windows

What Are The Different Methods To Highlight Text In A Pdf On Windows?

There are several methods to highlight text in a pdf on windows. Some of the common ways include using the highlight tool in adobe acrobat reader, using the markup tool in microsoft edge, using third-party pdf editing software such as nitro pro or foxit reader, and using browser extensions such as kami or adobe acrobat for chrome.

Is It Possible To Change The Color Of The Highlight In A Pdf Document On Windows?

Yes, it is possible to change the color of the highlight in a pdf document on windows. There are several pdf readers and editing software available that allow you to change the highlight color. You can either use the default settings or customize the color according to your preference.

Some popular pdf software that allows changing highlight color include adobe acrobat, foxit reader, and nitro pro.

Can I Undo Or Remove A Highlight That Was Added To A Pdf File In Windows?

Yes, you can undo or remove a highlight that was added to a pdf file in windows. You can do this by simply selecting the highlighted text and pressing the “delete” key on your keyboard. Alternatively, you can also right-click on the highlighted text and choose the “delete” option from the context menu.

How Can I Save The Highlighted Pdf Document On Windows Without Losing Its Formatting?

To save a highlighted pdf document on windows without losing its formatting, you can use the ‘save as’ option. Open the highlighted pdf document, click on ‘file’ and then select ‘save as’. Choose a destination folder and rename the file if needed.

Make sure to select ‘pdf’ as the file type and click on ‘options’ to choose the ‘retain page layout’ and ‘retain document metadata’ options. Finally, click on ‘save’ to save the highlighted pdf document with its formatting intact.

Are There Any Third-Party Applications That Can Be Used To Highlight Pdf Files On Windows?

Yes, there are many third-party applications available for windows that can be used to highlight pdf files. Some popular options include adobe acrobat reader dc, foxit reader, nitro pdf reader, and sumatrapdf. These applications offer a variety of features beyond highlighting, such as editing, annotating, and converting pdf files.

It is important to research and select an application that meets your specific needs and preferences.


In today’s technological era, highlighting a pdf on windows has become an effortless task. We no longer need to search for a physical highlighter and then start worrying about whether the color will fade or not. With windows, the task is very simple, and just a few clicks can highlight sections of the pdf.

We discussed five different methods in this article, including using microsoft edge, adobe acrobat reader dc, nitro pdf reader, foxit reader, and drawboard pdf. Each method is unique and has its advantages, and it’s up to the user to decide which one works best for them.

By following the steps mentioned above, anyone can learn how to highlight a pdf on windows without any hassle. So, get started and add more productivity to your work!

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