China’S Super Psychics by Paul Dong

Are China’s super psychics real? That’s what Paul Dong and Thomas E. Brophy attempt to answer in their book, China’s Super Psychics. The authors recount stories of supposed Chinese psychics who have demonstrated seemingly supernatural abilities, such as being able to walk through walls or read sealed letters.

They also investigate the training methods that these psychics may have used to develop their abilities. While the authors are not able to completely verify the authenticity of all the stories they tell, they do provide a fascinating look into a little-known aspect of Chinese culture.

Super psychics are said to exist in China, and Paul Dong is one of the world’s foremost experts on the subject. In this blog post, he explores the phenomenon of super psychics in China, and what makes them so special. There are said to be many super psychics in China, with abilities that far exceed those of normal people.

They can apparently do things like read minds, see the future, and even move objects with their thoughts. So what makes these super psychics so special? According to Paul Dong, it is their connection to the spiritual realm.

He believes that they have a direct line to the spirit world, which gives them their extraordinary powers. Dong also believes that these super psychics are here to help us raise our consciousness and evolve as a species. He says that they are like messengers from the other side, here to help us learn and grow.

If you’re interested in learning more about China’s super psychics, then this blog post is definitely for you!


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What are China’S Super Psychics

In China, super psychics are people with extraordinary psychic abilities. These abilities include precognition, clairvoyance, telepathy, and other paranormal abilities. There are many stories of super psychics in China who have used their powers to help others or to solve crimes.

Super psychics have been a part of Chinese culture for centuries. In ancient times, there were many stories of people with psychic abilities who helped the emperor or saved the country from disaster. Today, super psychics are still revered in Chinese society and there are many organizations that support research into psychic powers and investigate claims of supernatural activity.

There is no scientific evidence that superpsychic powers exist, but that hasn’t stopped the Chinese government from taking an interest in them. In recent years, the government has set up a special task force to study psychic phenomena and to train potential superpsychics. Some believe that the government’s interest in superpsychics is motivated by a desire to find new weapons or tools for espionage and warfare.

Whatever the reason, it’s clear that China takes its super psychics very seriously indeed!

How Do They Use Their Powers

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What is the History of These Super Psychics in China

The history of super psychics in China can be traced back to the Han Dynasty. There were many stories and reports of people with supernatural powers during this time. These super psychics were said to be able to levitate, walk through walls, control the weather, and even fly.

During the Tang Dynasty, there was a famous super psychic named Li Si. He was said to be able to predict the future and had many other supernatural abilities. He even wrote a book about his experiences and how to use one’s psychic powers.

Today, there are still many super psychics in China. They are often used by the government or businesses to help with important decisions. Many of them have also become celebrities in their own right.

China's Super Psychics – Paul Dong – Review – Part I


A recent book, China’s Super Psychics, by Paul Dong and Thomas E. Raffill, explores the extraordinary abilities of some Chinese people who seem to possess psychic powers. The authors interviewed a number of people with apparently paranormal abilities, including one woman who can see through walls and another who can walk on water. Some of the stories in the book are quite incredible, such as the account of a man who claims to have been born without a navel.

Other stories are more convincing, such as the case of a woman who correctly predicted an earthquake that later struck her hometown. The authors suggest that these super psychics may have developed their abilities through years of training and practice in meditation and other disciplines. They also speculate that there may be some connection between these abilities and traditional Chinese medicine or acupuncture.

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