Blood on the River by Elisa Carbone

In “Blood on the River” by Elisa Carbone, twelve-year-old Samuel Collier is indentured to Captain John Smith and joins him on a voyage to the New World. As they sail up the James River, heading for their destination of Jamestown, Virginia, they encounter many challenges. They must battle fierce storms, dangerous wildlife, and even warring Native Americans.

But despite all the obstacles in their way, Samuel and his companions persevere and eventually reach their goal. Along the way, he learns important lessons about courage, friendship, and determination that he will never forget.

Blood on the River is a captivating historical fiction novel that tells the story of Jamestown, Virginia during the early 1600s. Elisa Carbone does an excellent job of transporting readers back in time and bringing to life the struggles and challenges faced by the settlers during this period. The book follows young John Smith as he arrives in Jamestown and quickly learns that survival is not easy in this harsh new land.

Through determination and sheer force of will, John manages to carve out a place for himself within the colony and eventually becomes one of its most respected leaders. Blood on the River is a fascinating look at America’s earliest history and is sure to leave readers eager to learn more about this important time period.

Blood on the River Chapter 1 – English

What is the Main Idea of Blood on the River?

The main idea of Blood on the River is that the English settlers in Jamestown, Virginia were not prepared for the challenges they faced when they arrived in America. The book chronicles the struggles of the colonists as they battled disease, starvation, and conflict with Native Americans. Despite all of these challenges, the settlers persevered and eventually established a successful colony.

Why Did Elisa Carbone Write Blood on the River?

Elisa Carbone wrote Blood on the River because she wanted to educate people about the history of Jamestown, Virginia. She also wanted to show how difficult it was for the English settlers to establish a colony in America. Blood on the River is a fictional account of Captain John Smith’s experiences at Jamestown.

What is the Novel Blood on the River About?

Blood on the River: James Town 1607 is a novel by Elisa Carbone. It is based on the true story of Captain John Smith and the Jamestown settlement. The book follows Smith from his days as a young boy in England to his capture by Native Americans and eventual leadership of the colony.

The novel begins with eleven year old Samuel Collier being sold into indentured servitude by his father. He makes friends with another boy, Humphrey, who has also been sold into servitude. They are both put onto a ship bound for Virginia with Captain John Smith.

When they arrive in Virginia, they find that life is not what they expected it to be. The colony is struggling to survive and there are constant threats from the neighboring Native American tribes. Samuel quickly learns that he must be strong and brave if he wants to survive in this new world.

He becomes friends with Pocahontas, the daughter of Chief Powhatan, and together they help save the colony from starvation. As tensions between the colonists and Native Americans continue to rise, Samuel finds himself caught in the middle of it all. Blood on the River is an exciting historical fiction novel that brings to life the events of early Jamestown settlement.

It is full of adventure, danger, friendship, and betrayal. readers will be captivated by Samuel’s story as he tries to navigate through this new world full of challenges.

What Grade Level is the Book Blood on the River?

The book Blood on the River is a historical fiction novel written by Elizaeth George. The novel is set in 1607 and follows the story of Jamestown, Virginia. The book is geared towards readers in grades 6-8.

Blood on the River Pdf

When James Town was founded in 1607, the Virginia Company had high hopes for its New World settlement. But by 1610, starvation and disease had decimated the colony, and relations with the local Native Americans were strained at best. In an effort to save his settlement-and perhaps his own skin-twenty-year-old Captain John Smith takes charge.

His first order of business is to establish trade with the Powhatan Indians, led by the powerful chief Wahunsonacock. But when one of Smith’s men is brutally murdered, all bets are off. Now Smith must find a way to get revenge against the Powhatans without starting a bloody war.

It will be the toughest challenge he has ever faced…one that could cost him his life.


In the 1600s, life in England was hard. People were poor and jobs were scarce. So when 14-year-old Samuel Collier is offered a position as an apprentice to Captain John Smith on a ship bound for Virginia, he jumps at the chance.

But Virginia is not what he expected. The land is harsh and the people are hostile. And when Captain Smith is captured by the Powhatan Indians, it falls to Samuel to save him.

Can one boy make a difference in a time of war and violence? Elisa Carbone’s Blood on the River tells the story of one brave boy who tries to change his world for the better.

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