Dungeons and Dragons

Ghosts Of Saltmarsh PDF

The coast of Saltmarsh is home to many ghosts. These restless spirits haunt the coast, seeking revenge or justice for the wrongs done to them in life. Some of these ghosts are harmless, while others are malevolent and will attack any living creature that crosses their path. The most dangerous of these ghosts are the …

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Candlekeep Mysteries PDF

The Candlekeep Mysteries are a series of short, stand-alone puzzles that can be solved by anyone with a bit of detective work. They’re perfect for a quick break from the everyday grind, or for when you need a mental workout. Each mystery is set in the world of Candlekeep, a sprawling fortress-library dedicated to the …

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Tomb of Annihilation PDF

When the resurrected beings begin to rot and wither away in the land of Chult, suddenly, every living thing in the jungle starts to panic due to the rather unusual occurrence. The land of Chult is a haven for wild creatures, dinosaurs, and the infamous zombies (wild creatures that have risen from the dead) scavenging …

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