Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide PDF

Welcome the fantastic Sword Coast Adventurer’s guide PDF, a roleplaying sourcebook created by Wizards of the coast as an accessory for the 5th Edition of the Dungeons & Dragons series. The sourcebook’s setting is the Forgotten Realms multiverse, with the main focus on the western regions of Faerun. If you are a Dungeon Master or PC in the modern roleplaying D & D games, then the sourcebook will be a great addition to your arsenal.

Book Name Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide
Published November 3, 2015
Author Wizards RPG Team
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Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide PDF

Not for Novices!

However, compared to other Dungeon and Dragons roleplaying books, the Sword Coast Adventurer’s has a slight disadvantage. The authors have assumed that everyone is already familiar with the monster lore and characters covered in previous editions, leaving out some quality information that would be valuable for novice players, but we shall cover that issue in a bit. That aside, the Sword Coast Adventurer’s guide PDF still comes with a ton of new features and new races that are sure to spice up your adventure party and enhance your gaming experience.

New Features in the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide

Immersive Adventures

The Sword Coast Adventurer’s guide campaign presents loads of new material for Dungeon masters and players. The new material allows you to create countless unique fantasy stories all through the Sword Coast regions.

Tons of New Character Options

The campaign also features several new character options, greatly increasing the potential of Dungeon Masters and PCs. Some of the new subclasses present in the Sword Coast Adventurers guidebook include Purple Dragon knight and Swashbuckler, who are additions to the classes in the Player’s handbook. Additionally, the sourcebook also presents new sub-races and 12 new backgrounds for the Forgotten Realms campaign.

Countless Adventurers into the Forgotten Realms Campaign

The Sword Coast Adventure’s guide offers countless adventures for players with a couple of updated maps to provide more information about the various regions in the Forgotten Realms multiverse. You’ll understand your gameplay better, discovering more regions and learning monster lore as well as the realm’s deities.

Valuable Insider Information

As a regional sourcebook, the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide offers PCs and Dungeon Masters a ton of useful insights into the game’s setting, such as the characters’ storyline and other background information. Some of the insights include information on the additions Luskan and Gracklstugh, both featured in the new editions of Sword Coast Legends and other D&D publications.


The Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide PDF is compatible with several other D&D campaigns, such as the Rage of Demons storyline. Therefore, with this exclusive sourcebook, you can come up with creative characters to use on your Out of the Abyss adventure. Additionally, the guide will come in handy when fighting back the evil demons from the Underdark world, situated to the south of Sword Coast.


Wizard of the Coast publishers have done an excellent job in creating the Dungeons and Dragons roleplaying games and the incredible multiverse of Forgotten Realms. However, when it comes to the campaign’s supplement, Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide, the creators fell short greatly. The guide is meant to be a must-have resource for Dungeon and Dragons’ enthusiasts. However, the hype only lives up to the moment when you buy and read the guide. After that, you realize that the $40 book is a complete rip off!

Few Pages (Limited Content)

For a roleplaying gamebook, and considering the high esteem we hold for the Wizards of the Coast directors, the Sword Coast Adventurer’s guide book fails terribly. Like I mentioned earlier, the authors make the misguided assumption that everyone that handles the book is already conversant with the other D&D campaigns. As a result, the guide covers very limited content that is of little value for novices. The $40 you pay for the book is hardly fair for the 160 pages you get of the book. The various sections in the book are also unsatisfactory and are not what you’d expect of a resourceful roleplaying book, especially after spending $40 on the product.

Hard Cover

The few pages also affect how you handle the book, especially when navigating through the last pages of the book. Since the few pages on one side are barely enough to keep the book open, you will have to break the book’s spine to keep the book flat on the tabletop. Considering the few pages the book has, the publishers should have provided a softback rather than the hardcover spine.

Undecipherable Maps

As much as the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide is a great accessory for Dungeons and Dragons, some of the content in the guide gets lost in the bleed. A good example is the large centerpiece map that leaves some aspects of the map completely undecipherable due to the bleed effect. Neverwinter, which is one of the main highlights of D&D, gets lost into the gutter. Additionally, the book doesn’t provide convenient distance keys for the book’s maps. Consequently, many game masters may encounter some difficulties using the guide at the table. (A suitable solution here would be to buy a complete map from the artist. The complete map is a 2-page spread and comes with a distance key, which will come in handy when using the book.)


After going through the entire book, one may be left wondering what angle the authors had when publishing the book and what the book’s intended purpose should be. The authors seem undecided on whether the guide should be a sourcebook, a companion for the other published books, a framework for the available D&D adventures, or a supplement for creating specialized characters.

Table of Contents

Lastly, I cannot fail to mention the table of contents—or rather, what I found frustrating with the segment. Similar to the other non-adventure books for the 5th Edition D&D campaign, the sword coast adventurer’s guide highlights the art, graphic design, and book layout, which comprises maps and “realm lore.” However, the table of contents falls short of my expectation, which is why I had to mention it last. The segment barely has any useful content for the gazetteer, causing a lot of disservices. Additionally, the book provides zero indexes for the smaller maps covered in the book.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is featured in the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide PDF?

The sword coast adventurer’s guide is a wonderful resource book, both for Dungeon Masters and players alike. The guide describes the people and places you will find in the Sword Coast, with many character options to choose from in your adventure. The guide features 13 new class archetypes and 12 new backgrounds to spice up your party.

  1. What is the Sword Coast, and what regions does it cover?

The sword coast is a fictional country found in the D&D’s Forgotten Realms series. The region includes several areas, but the Waterdeep and Baldur’s gate are not part of the sword coast region.

  1. Are the Waterdeep and Baldur’s gate covered in the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide?

The Waterdeep and Baldur’s Gate, though part of the Forgotten Realms setting, is not regarded as part of Sword Coast based on the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide. Instead, Baldur’s gate region is located in the Western Heartlands. Waterdeep, on the other hand, is an independent city-state away from Sword Coast.

  1. Is Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide Worth it?

If you are an enthusiast of the Forgotten Realms setting and Dungeons and Dragons game series, then the Sword Coast Adventurer’s guide is worth every penny. The monster lore and the new races added to the book will provide useful information while playing the roleplaying game. However, if you are a novice in the Forgotten Realms setting, you may find the Sword Coast Adventurer’s guide a rip off. This is because the authors assume that readers are already familiar with the monster races covered in previous Forgotten Realms releases.

  1. Is the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide Official?

Yes. The Sword Coast Adventurers Guide is official as of November 3, 2015.

  1. Where can I buy the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide?

The Sword Coast Adventurer’s guide is available on many stores such as Barnes & Noble, where you can get the hardcover version of the book. The guide is also available on many online stores such as Amazon, where it retails at $40. Alternatively, you can opt for the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide PDF version, which is available for free on several websites online.

Final Words

The Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide is a great supplement for the 5th edition D&D campaigns. The guide has some quality content that will increase your understanding of the Forgotten Realms multiverse. However, the guide has several setbacks, especially if you are completely unfamiliar with the Forgotten Realms and previous editions of D&D. Perhaps I would be more lenient with the publishers if the sourcebook went for around $20, or $25, rather than the current $40 price tag. However, considering the high price the book is retailing for, I would expect more content and detail to cater to the huge investment and offer more value to players.

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