Caballo De Troya by J. J. Benítez

Caballo De Troya is a historical fiction novel by J. J. Benítez that tells the story of the Trojan War from the perspective of a Trojan horse. The novel follows the horse, named Troy, as he is brought into the city of Troy by the Greeks and used as a weapon against the Trojans. Troy tells his story from inside the city walls, witnessing firsthand the events that lead up to and during the war.

Caballo De Troya is a novel by J. J. Benítez that tells the story of the Trojan War from the perspective of a horse. The horse, named Caballo, is witness to the events of the war and recounts them to the reader. The novel provides an interesting perspective on the war, and on history in general.

It is an enjoyable read for anyone interested in history or fiction.

¿Qué Dice Jj Benítez Sobre Caballo De Troya?

In his book, “Caballo de Troya”, J.J. Benitez gives a detailed account of his purported experiences with the Biblical character, Jesus Christ. He claims that he was contacted by Christ in the 1970’s and told to write a book about his life. Christ allegedly gave him specific instructions on what to include in the book, which would eventually be published in nine volumes.

Benitez has been widely criticized for his account, with many accusing him of fabricating the story. However, he maintains that everything he has written is true and that he is merely a messenger for Christ.

¿Cuántos Libros De Caballo De Troya De Jj Benítez Hay?

As of October 2019, there are nine books in the Caballo de Troya series by JJ Benítez. The first book was published in 1979, and the most recent book was published in 2008.

¿Cuál Es El Último Libro De Caballo De Troya?

El último libro de la serie Caballo de Troya, escrito por el autor Juan José Benítez, se titula “Caballo de Troya 9: Judas”. La trama gira en torno al personaje principal, Jacov Dorai, quien regresa a Israel después de diez años para asumir el papel de Mesías. No obstante, su misión no será fácil ya que tendrá que lidiar con la oposición de los fariseos y el Sanedrín.

Para complicar las cosas aún más, un grupo terrorista llamado “La Hermandad” está intentando destruir el templo y todo lo que representa.

¿Qué Tipo De Novela Es El Caballo De Troya?

El Caballo de Troya is a novel by Spanish author José Luis Sampedro. The novel tells the story of the Trojan War from the perspective of the Trojan Horse. The novel was first published in Spain in 1969 and has been translated into several languages.


Caballo De Troya in English

Caballo de Troya is a novel by Spanish author Juan Gómez-Jurado. The book was originally published in 2009. It is the first book in the Caballo de Troya series.

The novel tells the story of a group of Roman soldiers who are sent to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a legion in Judea. They soon discover that the missing legion has been captured by Jews and are being held prisoner in Jerusalem. In order to rescue their fellow soldiers, the Romans disguise themselves as Jews and infiltrate Jerusalem.

However, they are quickly discovered and must fight for their lives against the angry mob. The novel is an exciting adventure that gives readers a glimpse into the violent world of ancient Rome. It is also a fascinating look at how religion can be used to justify violence and intolerance.


Caballo De Troya is a historical novel written by J. J. Benítez. The book tells the story of the Trojan War from the perspective of the horse that carried Achilles into battle. The horse, named Troy, is taken captive by the Greeks and forced to fight in their army.

He eventually learns that his true purpose is to help preserve peace between humans and animals.

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