Bluestar’S Prophecy by Erin Hunter

In “Bluestar’s Prophecy” by Erin Hunter, the titular character has a dream in which she is shown that she will lead her Clan, ThunderClan, to glory. She wakes up and realizes that she must follow her destiny. With the help of her friends and fellow warriors, she does just that.

Bluestar becomes one of the most respected leaders in all of the Clans, and her prophecy comes true.

In the book “Bluestar’s Prophecy” by Erin Hunter, Bluestar is a leader of ThunderClan who is faced with a difficult decision. She must choose between her duty to her Clan and her love for her kits. Bluestar ultimately decides to give up her kits in order to save her Clan, but she is haunted by her decision for the rest of her life.

This story explores the themes of duty, love, and loss in a powerful way.

Warriors:BlueStars Prophecy by Erin Hunter (Allegiances and the prophecy)

What was the Prophecy Given to Bluestar?

In the Warriors series, Bluestar is a ThunderClan leader who receives a prophecy from StarClan. The prophecy states that “The silver cat will save the Clan.” Many believe that this refers to Bluestar’s own son, Silverstream, who goes on to help save the Clan during a time of great danger.

However, some believe that the prophecy may actually refer to another cat – perhaps even one who has not yet been born.

Is Bluestar’S Prophecy a Good Book?

There are many different opinions on whether or not Bluestar’s prophecy is a good book. Some people believe that it is an excellent book and that it contains a lot of important information about the Warriors series. Others believe that the book is not worth reading and that it does not provide any new or interesting information.

What was Bluestar’S Last Words?

Bluestar’s last words were “I am fire, I am death.” These words symbolized her end as a warrior and her acceptance of death. She was ready to die and join StarClan.

How Long Does It Take to Read Bluestar’S Prophecy?

If you’re a fast reader, you can probably finish Bluestar’s Prophecy in about two hours. But if you want to really savor the story and appreciate all the nuances of ThunderClan’s history, plan on spending closer to four hours reading it.

Bluestar’S Prophecy Pdf

In 2003, Erin Hunter’s novel “Bluestar’s Prophecy” was published. The story follows the life of Bluestar, a ThunderClan leader, as she fulfills a prophecy that will save her Clan from destruction. “Bluestar’s Prophecy” is the first book in the popular “Warriors” series, which has sold over 30 million copies worldwide.


In the blog post “Bluestar’s Prophecy,” Erin Hunter discusses the events leading up to and including the moment when Bluestar predicts that Firestar will save ThunderClan. She describes how, as a young warrior, Bluestar is visited by a starry cat who tells her that she will do great things for her Clan. This prophecy comes true when Bluestar becomes leader of ThunderClan and leads her warriors to many victories.

However, the prophecy also says that Bluestar will have to make a selfless sacrifice – which comes true when she gives up her kits to save them from a fire. In the end, Erin Hunter argues, it is this selflessness – combined with her courage and strength – that makes Bluestar truly heroic.

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