Blue Book of Gun Values by S. P. Fjestad

The Blue Book of Gun Values is a guide that lists the approximate values of different firearms. The book is useful for people who are interested in buying or selling guns, as it can help them determine how much a particular gun is worth. The Blue Book of Gun Values is also helpful for people who simply want to know more about the value of different types of firearms.

The Blue Book of Gun Values is a comprehensive guide to the values of firearms. It includes information on all types of firearms, from pistols to rifles, and provides detailed descriptions and prices for each type of gun. The book also includes information on ammunition, accessories, and more.

Whether you’re a collector or just looking to get the most out of your guns, the Blue Book of Gun Values is an essential resource.

Book Review : Blue Book Of Gun Values

What is the Blue Book of Gun Values

The Blue Book of Gun Values is a publication that is used by firearms dealers and collectors to determine the value of guns. The book is put together by experts in the field and contains information on over 25,000 different firearms. The book is updated yearly, so it is always current with the latest values.

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Blue Book of Gun Values Fjestad’s Blue Book of Gun Values is one of the most popular and trusted resources when it comes to determining the value of firearms. Published since 1981, the book is now in its 38th edition and contains values for over 10,000 different gun models.

While there are other sources out there that provide firearm values, Fjestad’s Blue Book is generally considered to be the most accurate and comprehensive guide available. This is due in part to the fact that it includes both suggested retail prices as well as actual transaction prices from a variety of sources. Another reason why the Blue Book is so popular is that it covers such a wide range of guns.

Whether you’re looking up the value of a common handgun or a rare antique rifle, you’ll likely find it listed in this book. If you’re thinking about buying or selling a gun, consulting Fjestad’s Blue Book of Gun Values is always a good idea. By knowing what a particular firearm is worth, you can ensure that you’re getting fair market value for your money (or goods).

Why is the Blue Book of Gun Values Important

The Blue Book of Gun Values is a standard reference guide for firearms pricing in the United States. It is published by Blue Book Publications, Inc., and has been in print since 1955. The book is used by gun dealers, collectors, and enthusiasts to determine the approximate value of a particular firearm.

There are three editions of the Blue Book of Gun Values: the Standard Edition, which covers most commonly-encountered firearms; the Deluxe Edition, which includes more information on collectible and antique firearms; and the Law Enforcement Edition, which contains additional data on military and law enforcement weapons. The Blue Book of Gun Values gets its name from its blue cover – although early editions were actually green. The book contains listings for thousands of different firearms, organized alphabetically by manufacturer.

Each listing includes basic information about the gun, such as caliber, action type, barrel length, and weight. More importantly, each listing provides an estimated value for the firearm based on condition. The condition ratings range from “poor” to “new in box/unfired” – with corresponding values that can range from less than $100 to over $10,000.

In addition to individual firearm listings, the Blue Book of Gun Values also includes information on trends in the firearms market, auction results for significant guns that have recently sold at auction houses like Christie’s and Sotheby’s , and essays on topics related to collecting guns. The Standard Edition of the Blue Book of Gun Values is updated annually and is available in print or online form.

How Often is the Blue Book of Gun Values Updated

The Blue Book of Gun Values is updated on a regular basis, typically every four to six months. However, the specific frequency can vary depending on market conditions and other factors.

Blue Book of Gun Values 43Rd Edition

The Blue Book of Gun Values is the most comprehensive guide to gun values available. This 43rd edition contains more than 2,500 pages of information on all aspects of firearms, from antique guns to the latest in modern firearms technology. It includes detailed listings for more than 26,000 firearms, as well as pricing information for ammunition, gunsmithing services, and more.

Whether you’re a collector, dealer, or simply a gun enthusiast, the Blue Book of Gun Values is an essential reference tool.


The Blue Book of Gun Values is a gun pricing guide that has been in publication since 1972. The book is compiled by S. P. Fjestad, a gunsmith and firearms appraiser. The book provides values for both new and used firearms, as well as information on manufacturers, models, and firearm types.

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