Bisclavret by Marie De France

Bisclavret is a short story written by Marie De France. The story is about a werewolf who falls in love with a human woman and must keep his secret from her. When she finds out, she betrays him and he is forced to live in the forest as a wolf forever.

Marie de France was a 12th-century French poet and author. She is best known for her Lais, a collection of twelve narrative poems based on Breton folktales. Bisclavret is one of these lais, and tells the story of a werewolf who is betrayed by his wife.

Bisclavret begins with a bang—or rather, a howl. Our protagonist, the titular werewolf, bursts into his castle in the middle of the night, scaring his wife half to death. It’s clear from the start that something is not quite right with Bisclavret.

He’s wild and untamed, and his wife does not know how to tame him. When daylight comes, Bisclavret returns to human form and goes off hunting with the king. His wife is left at home, thinking about what she has seen.

She becomes curious about Bisclavret’s condition, and starts to spy on him when he transforms into a wolf. One day while he’s sleeping in wolf form, she steals his clothes so he can’t change back into a human. When he wakes up and realizes what has happened, he is furious.

He leaves the castle and doesn’t return for three days. During that time, his wife concocts a plan to get rid of him for good. She tells her husband that she knows about his secret and threatens to tell everyone unless he leaves forever.

In desperation, Bisclavret agrees to leave… but not before exacting revenge upon his faithless wife.

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Bisclavret  by Marie De France


What is the Message of Bisclavret?

Bisclavret is a 12th-century French romance written by Marie de France. The story tells of Bisclavret, a werewolf who is mistreated by his wife and forced to leave his home. He takes refuge in the forest where he meets a young woman who helps him regain his human form.

The story has been interpreted as a metaphor for the mistreatment of women and the power of love to overcome all obstacles.

In What Way Does the Wife Betray the Bisclavret?

The wife of Bisclavret betrays him in several ways. First, she hides his clothing so he cannot transform back into a werewolf. Second, she sleeps with another man while her husband is away.

Third, she refuses to believe his story about being a werewolf and instead accuses him of being mad. Finally, she has him locked up in a tower so he can never escape and turn back into a werewolf again.

What Type of Story is Bisclavret?

Bisclavret is a type of story that falls into the category of a fairy tale. It is a story that has elements of both magic and realism, and typically features characters such as royalty, knights, and other mythical creatures. The plot of Bisclavret usually revolves around the main character’s quest to accomplish some sort of impossible task or goals.

In many ways, Bisclavret can be seen as a cross between a traditional folktale and a modern-day fantasy story.

How Does Bisclavret Turn into a Werewolf?

Bisclavret is a lai, or short story, written in Old French by Marie de France. It tells the story of a werewolf who is transformed back into a man with the help of his wife. The original text does not give any indication as to how the transformation occurs, but modern scholars have speculated that it may be due to a curse or bite from another werewolf.

Bisclavret: The Werewolf


Marie de France’s Bisclavret is a 12th-century Breton lai about a werewolf who is mistreated by his wife. The werewolf, Bisclavret, lives a happy life with his wife until she becomes interested in another man and decides to have an affair with him. In order to keep her husband from finding out, she convinces him to go on a hunting trip and then locks him in a room when he returns.

When Bisclavret finally escapes, he takes revenge on his wife by killing her lover and tearing off her clothes. He then disappears into the forest, never to be seen again.

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