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Throughout centuries humankind sought the meaning of true justice but failed most often. Nothing seemed to satisfy the human urge to seek the true meaning of justice. Over the centuries, many sapient individuals expressed their portion of philosophy about justice. Some agreed on the dogma “an eye for an eye” and some believed, “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”. But none of these theories were taken for granted leaving the concept of justice vague.

The book “And There Was None” was themed on the concept of serving justice to the delinquents of society who wear masks to hide their true nature. There are many loopholes in the contemporary justice system and some criminals get away using these loopholes. In the novel, Agatha Christie choreographed a unique idea of serving justice to such individuals.

You will get glued to this nerve-wracking thriller once you start reading it. Before that, let me present you with an overview of the book to help decide whether it will be worth your while or not.

And There Were None PDF

And Then There Were None

Book details

Original Title Ten Little Nigger

And There Were None (US Edition)

Ten Little Indians (UK Pocket Books Edition)

Author Agatha Christie
Edition Language English
Publisher Collins Crime Club
Genre Mystery, Psychological Thriller, Horror
Pages 259 pages
Size 396 KB
Format PDF
Originally Published November 6th, 1939

January 1940 (US edition)

First Published 1939

An overview of the book

With over 100 million copies sold, this book remains the world’s number one best-selling mystery novel of all time and has been listed as the sixth best-selling book in any language. The novel has been adapted to numerous films, radio broadcasts, TV shows, theatres, and even video games.

Plot summary

Eight complete strangers are invited to a remote island off the English coast. Upon their arrival, they were greeted by the butler and the housekeeper Mr. and Mrs. Rogers. Later the guests were informed that the host, who is known by the name of Mr. Owen will not be arriving until the next day.

The guests gather in the leaving room after an exquisite dinner. Suddenly a recorded message starts to play saying the guests were invited here for the trial of their past sins, to be specific ‘murders’. Soon they discover that no one knows Mr. Owen including the servants and they were brought here on someone’s strange plan.

Startled by the message, as the guests discuss what to do, one of the guests Tony Marston chokes on poisoned whiskey and dies. Plagued by their guilt, consumed by fear, the other guests go back to their rooms. One guest, Vera Claythorne finds similarities between Marston’s death and the first verse of a famous nursery rhyme “Ten Little Indians”. The rhyme was framed and hung on the wall of every bedroom.

The next morning, Mrs. Rogers is found dead, and the guests wish to leave the island that instant. But the supply boat doesn’t come. The guests decide to scour the island to find this mysterious Mr. Owen but fail. Soon after the guests witness yet another death. This time it was General Macarthur. Dr. Armstrong found him on the beach, dead of a blow to the head.

The air of suspicion begins to intensify. The guests decide that one of them must be the killer since there is no other person on the whole island. Mr. Rogers is found dead the next morning. He died while chopping wood like stated in the rhyme. The guests have now begun to understand that people are dying in a manner that was described in the rhyme.

After breakfast that morning, Emily Brent, one of the guests, was killed with an injected poison. After that Judge Wargrave took everything from the guest’s belongings that can be used as a weapon.

Next, Wargrave was found dead with a gunshot in the forehead. Suddenly two of the guests Lombard and Blore discover that Armstrong was missing that night, they couldn’t find him anywhere,

Among the last three survivors, Blore was killed by a statue falling on him and Vera killed Lombard out of suspicion of Armstrong’s murder. Later, when Vera came to her room, she found a noose was hanging on her ceiling and felt the urge to fulfill the final act of the rhyme and take her own life.

The Twist

The cops are baffled by the mystery until they discover a manuscript in a bottle. The manuscript was written by the late Judge Wargrave. The manuscript suggests that Judge Wargrave, who was also an invited guest on the island, was the killer all along.

Wargrave profoundly described how he orchestrated the murders and why he did so. Wargrave wanted to serve justice to those who were not punishable under the law even though they were criminals.

Your sense of justice may differ from that of Wargrave’s but the novel is quite a page-turner. Any mystery, thriller fanatic will love this work of fiction by Agatha Christie.

So, happy reading!

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