A Touch Of Class

Werewolves are usually portrayed as mindless beasts that have no control of their mutations that happen during a full moon. It is refreshing to see a different take of these classic characters in this story for your enjoyment.

Bianca D’Arc spins a tale of Shane, who happens to be a dominant werewolf in this novel aptly titled a touch of class pdf.


Shane is trying to get his life up and running again since he has no desire to follow the old werewolf rules and the old pack. At the beginning of the book, he is trying to leave the pack behind. So far, he hasn’t had any luck but with the help of his best friend, who is trying to be the leader of a group of misfit wolves.

He succeeds in joining the group as he a new position in Big Wolf, Texas. He becomes the new pack’s sheriff and enforcer. Maria, on the other side, is familiar with the werewolves that populate her town.

Her beloved and eccentric Aunt Lulu has shared countless werewolf stories with her that she is now a firm believer. After her aunt passes away, she leaves her house on the edge of town for Maria. Maria suspects the sexy and alluring new sheriff in the city might be one of these shape-shifting creatures that she is so curious about.

She wants to learn more about the sexy sheriff, but she must tread carefully not to spook him.


Things kick off with a bang when Maria is caught in an evil trap set by the pack, and Shane has to come to her rescue. Once they meet, sparks are quickly to fly, and they are left trying to solve the dilemma of why Maria was targeted by the pack and their budding feelings for each other.

Our Take

I think part of what I love the most about the series is my secret wish to be Shane. Not so much getting all bloody and nearly killed on a daily basis, but wielding a mystical body, kicking ass, and being mated to his hotness Maria, things like that. I would love to have just one or two friends in the pack. Someone who would have my back, give me there shirt and make me eat ice cream when I was sad. Maria tried so hard to act indifferently like she is invisible. Like nothing hurts her. But we know differently. We see how vulnerable she really is, and I’m glad that she now has Shane by her side to accept some of the burdens and lighten the load she carries.

They have an authentic relationship. They fight and bicker, they have makeup sex, they argue, they try and manipulate each other (more Shane than Maria, but he is the alpha, so it’s sort of a job requirement), but he is learning, and so is Maria, and they are learning together, which is essential. Not every day of a real-life marriage is sunshine. There are darker times as well. People have insecurities and panic. I adore Shane and Maria together.

How to immerse yourself in the book

The world-building and intricacy of this series continue to impress me. It’s probably my favorite part. When you feel like your immersed and can use magic yourself, it’s incredible. I love the realism of fantasy. I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but I feel as though I could use the magic the characters sling around, and everything feels so authentic. The mythology especially. I don’t feel the need to fact check. I trust that the authors researched for me.

In this a touch of class pdf novel, we learn about Maria’s aunt, who she lived with, and shaped her views about the werewolves. Maria, in turn, has her s her blinders removed, and I felt terrible for her. I wanted to hug her. Then shit hits the fan, and she’s overthinking and panicking about her relationships. She has a lot of self-doubts. Thankfully it doesn’t last long, though. She has to learn to trust, and she does.

The villains in the book are fanatical in there villain. You could easily hate them. I hated them. I loved it when Shane put the smack down on some of the lighter villains.

This book might be full of fantasy adventures of werewolves and humans. However, the budding romance between the principal characters has many elements of a typical human romance to make it worth a read. If you are a fan of werewolves and romance novels, then this is the book for you.

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