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If you are a fan of Nora Roberts, you may have known about her one of the novels, The Obsession. I almost read all of her books. Now, I am going to tell you the novel named The Obsession by Nora Roberts.

Genre Of The Obsession: Know If You Want Specific Genre

  • Romance
  • Suspense
  • Thriller
  • Mystery
  • Contemporary Romance
  • Crime
  • Fiction

So, It is a mixture of various genres.

Characters Of The Obsession: You May Want To Know

  • Naomi Carson
  • Xander Keaton
  • Mason

Nora Roberts The Obsession PDF

The Obsession Nora Roberts

Publish Date And Publisher Of The Obsession: You May Be Curious About

It was published on 12th April 2016. The publisher was Brilliance Audio

The Language Of The Obsession: If Anybody Is Looking For His Or Her Preferred Language

The edition language of That Novel, The Obsession is English.

1st Part Of The Story Of The Obsession: Interesting To Know

Naomi is the main character of the novel The Obsession. She is only 12 years old. Once, she saves a young lady from a dangerous and appalling serial killer. The serial killer is no other than her father. Gradually she becomes an adult. She moves from one place to another. She cannot stay at a place for a long time. People find out that she is the daughter of that cruel serial killer.

2nd Part Of The Story Of The Obsession: Read With Fun

Eventually, she buys a house at Sunrise Cove. Here she finds peace. Another twist is waiting for her here. So, It is her present. A dashing boy enters into her life at that time. Here the Romantic love story begins. He is the most handsome hero in comparison to tries heroes of Nora Robert’s novels. His name is Xander Keaton. She also meets a stray-dog too.

Another Part Of The Story Of The Obsession: Fascinating Indeed

Naomi always tries to hide from people and stay reserved. In Sunrise the Cove, Naomi finds a friendly community Xander Keaton is a mechanic, and he owns a garage too. He also plays the guitar. He has his own body shop and partial ownership in a bar. He always sticks around Naomi. Naomi doesn’t like that. But their chemistry was so awesome.  She always in the obsession of her past, unfortunately, and want to keep her away from the world.

What Happens In Sunrise Cove That Relates To Naomi’s Past: Very Interesting

A local woman goes missing in Sunrise Cove. Her body was found. The shocking fact is the victim woman has appalling similarities with the victims of her serial killer father. One by one, many women go missing.

Naomi Is the Target Of The Killer: Most Thrilling Part

One thing is sure that Naomi is also the killer’s target. There is some connection to this situation with Naomi. Naomi was also wise. She knows how to take precautions and protect herself.

Romance Between Naomi And Xander Keaton: So Heavenly

The genuine love between Xander Keaton and Naomi is great. Their snappy and humor talks are just amazing. Eventually, Naomi finds all the things she lacks from childhood. Finally, she finds good friends, community, and love of her life, and a sweet dog.

You, Will, Find Information About Renovating Home In The Obsession: As Naomi Needs To Renovate Her Home

Naomi is a good photographer. So, when she shifts to Sunrise Cove, which is a small town in Washington. She buys a house near the sea-beach. She needs her house to be renovated. There is huge information about renovating a house here. You will find it interesting.

The Obsession: Shocking Start

The obsession starts with when Naomi wakes up in a very hot summer night. She follows her father in the woods that night. She thought that he is going to get her a birthday present. But it doesn’t happen, unfortunately. Her father is very strict and religious too. She never thought of seeing something horrible. She sees a victim girl who is being raped and tortured by her father. She saved that girl.

Sunrise Cove: Naomi’s Ultimate Happiness

When she becomes an adult and moves to Sunrise Cove, she bought a house. She likes to stay alone as she is always traumatized about her father being a cruel serial killer. Here she finds a really handsome Xander Keaton who likes to care for her. He is still afraid of a girl’s tears. He always tries to protect Naomi. Their chemistry was really nice. She also finds an adorable pet. She gets many friends there.

It is one of the must-read books of Nora Roberts. You shouldn’t miss it anyway.

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