A Divine Revelation of Hell

A Divine Revelation of Hell PDF

Religion is one of the most controversial things in the world. There are two things that will never settle in a final position universally. These two are politics and religion. No matter how hard we try and how far we research, there will always be a question that may come in favor of both sides.

So, books or any media that talks about politics or religion and take a side, gain huge popularity and reach many people. Today, our reviewing subject is one of the most popular and talked about books, “A Devine Revolution of Hell”.

The book was first published in 1965. The author of the book is Marry K. Baxter, a well-known writer, teacher and intuitive consultant. She helped people to find out their life purpose, goal and what to achieve to live the best human life.

Baxter’s most famous book is, “A Devine Revolution of Hell”. She later wrote a series of books based on this. Every single one of them was hugely popular in the whole world. Here, we will talk about the summary, overview, meaning and criticism of “A Divine Revolution of Hell”.

So, let’s start.

A Divine Revelation of Hell PDF

divine revelation of hell

Summary and Overview of “A Divine Revelation of Hell.”

“A Devine Revelation of Hell” is a book that deals with hell, you already get that from the name. It’s talking about the journey through hell. It would be more poetic if Baxter metaphorically represent the world as hell, and we had to experience torture every day. But, the book doesn’t talk hypothetically. It’s about the real hell where we will torment for eternity if we don’t follow the life of Christ.

The book started with Baxter and here the author is the lead character. In a sense, you can say that the Jesus is the side character in here, lol. Let’s not make any religious joke. We are not here to take sides, we will just see what’s the book about and will judge only the book.

One night Baxter was praying to God. She prayed to God with all her heart and soul that night. After finishing her prayer, Baxter went to bed a bit lately. While she was sleeping she suddenly hear a voice and the presence of something great. It was Jesus Christ that came to visit her.

Baxter was very excited and didn’t know what to do when she saw Jesus. She bent down on her knee before Jesus and cried. Then Jesus asked her to visit the hell with him.

The path of Jesus, Baxter and the book started from here. Jesus took Baxter to many places of hell. There are many sectors of hell and Jesus introduced Baxter to all of them. God allows Baxter in hell for thirty days to witness what will happen if people do not follow the order of the almighty.

There Baxter saw the real inhuman situation of hell. Listen to many people’s stories and learn why they rotten in hell. Baxter witness the cruelty and barbarity of demons. And we will have to suffer in there for eternity if we don’t listen to the word of God. This was the main theme and point of the book. After completing the hell trip, God didn’t raise her memory of hell. God actually commissioned her to tell the story of hell to the living so that they can still return under the roof of God’s mercy and live a life of the Bible.

Criticism of “A Devine Revelation of Hell”:

As you said above, any books or work that on religion or politics has always two sides. One group of people will say that’s the best thing and another group will find thousands of thousands of faults in here. The book, A Devine Revelation of Hell has also faced huge criticism and people finds out a lot of faults here. Let’s see, what’s the critic says about the book.

The first accusations against the book, well not against the book it more agents the writer that the book is written in such a poor style. From choosing words to creating a sentence everything is done very poorly. A writer who is writing books on the most controversial and most sensitive things in the world must have proper writing skills. This amateur act raises many questions. They say if God had to someone why didn’t he choose some celebrity or someone who can write.

In that book, Baxter represents Jesus in a very heartless, sorrowless and don’t care way. Like, there are lots of cells in hell where they capture people for torture. When Jesus walk passes by this cell, people asked for mercy but Jesus says, you had your chance and you lost it. The son of God must not this careless about people even though they are dead.

Some people also say that everything that has been written in the book is just the imagination of Baxter.

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