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Drawing immense inspiration from the well-renowned Ravenloft game, the Curse of Strahd PDF is a book that majors on the infamous Zarovich– a fictitious villain who sits at the evil Castle of Ravenloft. Ravenloft is located at the land of Barovia, which is a haven of dark horrors resulting from the absolute rule of the evil Zarovich. The city is filled with creepy, horrific creatures and tricky pathways, all of which players have to overcome before facing the all-mighty Strahd.

Curse of Strahd PDF

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What’s the Curse of Strahd?

In the hidden city of Barovia, is an evil master named Strahd von Zarovich. Once in every generation, the villain comes across a woman, whom he is always convinced is a reincarnation of Tatyana. So, despite Zarovich being the master of Barovia, he suffers from an unliftable curse, courtesy of his own empire.

What to expect from the Curse of Strahd?

New look Ravenloft

If you’ve played Ravenloft before, you’ll marvel at the new castle in the Curse of Strahd adventure. Chris Perkins and Kim Mohan, some of the major creators of the Curse of Strahd, decided to make a few tweaks to the look of the Ravenloft castle. Apparently, the original Ravenloft castle created by Tracy Hickman and Laura Hickman lacked the touch to match the standards needed for the modern age Curse of Strahd. So, the team has worked together to create a more revolutionized Ravenloft. The new Ravenloft is a haven of darkness and horrors, in addition to hosting the all-mighty villain, Zarovich.

Endless horrific creatures

Perhaps one of the major strengths of the Curse of Strahd game is the fact that that the evil creatures come in all shapes and sizes. From the haunted dolls to the deadly werewolf packs and even the infamous Baba Yaga, the book promises a wide range of villains that will keep you at the tip of your toes all through the game.

Loads of physical paths and maps

The Curse of Strahd comes with a load of physical maps and props that invite players to tap into fully tap into their creativity and come up with amazing new settings and adventure paths. I find it a bit bewildering for the game to be labeled as an adventure game since it brings little in terms of adventure and storyline.

The creators of the Curse of Strahd, however, have done an amazing job on the setting of the game. The several maps and props in the Curse of Strahd PDF allow players to create uncountable settings and adventure paths. With the game seeing a few frequent additions here and there, you can expect the announcement of new fancy tools to take the gaming fun to a whole new level.

Exciting encounters

Though the Curse of Strahd PDF seems to have somewhat failed as an adventure game, the encounters and visuals are astounding. While traversing, you have to be on the lookout for the monsters. Otherwise, you will end up restarting to previous checkpoints after falling short in the hands of the endless dark creatures that lurk every corner.

Impeccable setting

Among the most exciting features of the Curse of Strahd adventure are the mesmerizing stairways that host terrifying dark creatures–and of course, the dark alleys that present unpredictable horror. The towering spires also serve a captivating factor for any game out there, offering some of the best wandering adventures you can ever imagine.

Create your own path

The Curse of Strahd PDF is a tale of numerous checkpoints, meaning there’s never one truly definite path to complete the puzzle. Killing the Villain Zarovich will unlock a series of gifts hidden in numerous different locations, which may end up, resulting in frustration. Many of the game’s enthusiasts have reportedly found the lack of a defined storyline a major drawback to the game. However, you can spice up a few things in the game to make the adventure more enjoyable.

With each location bringing a rather different storyline, you may have to push your playgroup to keep on playing, especially after realizing that there’s no real plot to be followed.

However, all you have to do is simply create your own path that leads to the ultimate goal of killing the evil villain, Zarovich. By setting your own customized deck from the numerous cards and settings that come with the book, you can create your own tailored Ravenloft map.

What’s bad about the Curse of Strahd?

Lack of an adventure path

As stipulated above, the Curse of Strahd PDF lacks a concrete adventure. As a matter of fact, the adventure path is so absent that the game fails to live up to the adventure type expectation. However, for gamers who are more into setting books, the Curse of Strahd PDF is easily a top favorite. With a multitude of props and maps to ensure a perfect setting and the overwhelming, rich visuals, the Curse of Strahd sits comfortably among the top setting books.

Not ideal for young gamers

The Curse of Strahd is a haven of dark horrors and creatures, which may not be suitable for young players. Since you will be playing with a team, you don’t want a group member who constantly freaks out every time a terrifying creature comes out of nowhere and starts attacking unceasingly. The fact the dark creatures are usually situated at corners and bends makes it even worse for anyone not used to such fearsome situations.

With that in mind, it’s best to leave the kids to play some other less terrifying game.


The curse of Strah creators did a pretty awesome job in offering mind-blowing visuals and settings that undoubtedly capture the eye of any passionate modern-age gamer. The adventure side of the game is, however, lacking, and a few improvements on the storyline would surely do some much-needed justice to the overall gaming experience. However, the game takes a rather interesting turn when you create your own setting and adventure to the final battle in the Castle of Ravenloft. Once you create your own formidable customized adventure path, strutting through the dark mysteries of the land of Barovia will be quite fascinating.

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