ICC T20 World Cup 2021 Schedule

International Cricket Council ICC announced the groups for men’s T20 world cup 2021 which will be held from 17 October to 14 November in Oman and the United Arab Emirates. In fact, it was supposed to be host in India but in cognizance of the coronavirus situation in India, the BCCI change the venue to abroad.

ICC Men’s world cup main event there will play 12 teams and it called super 12s. Therein 8 teams will directly go to the super 12s and 4 places to leave for qualifiers.

According to ICC Ranking the top eight teams directly playing ICC T20 world cup 2021 name Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand, West Indies, India, England, South Africa, Afghanistan.

The test playing nation Bangladesh and Sri Lanka will play qualifiers round to qualifying there-self.

ICC T20 World Cup 2021 Groups

Round’s 1 eight teams divided into two groups will play qualifiers to go the super 12s. Each group winner and runner-up qualify for the main event.



Round 1

Group A: Sri Lanka, Ireland, the Netherlands and Namibia
Group B: Bangladesh, Scotland, Papua New Guinea and Oman

Super 12s

Group 1: England, Australia, South Africa, West Indies, A1 and B2.
Group 2: India, Pakistan, New Zealand, Afghanistan, A2 and B1.

T20 World Cup Group Stage Schedule

Date Matches Time (IST)
18 October Sri Lanka v Qualifier A3 8.30 AM
18 October Qualifier A2 v Qualifier A4 1:30 PM
19 October Bangladesh v Qualifier B3 8.30 AM
19 October Qualifier B2 v Qualifier B4 1:30 PM
20 October Qualifier A3 v Qualifier A4 8.30 AM
20 October Sri Lanka v Qualifier A2 1:30 PM
21 October Qualifier B3 v Qualifier B4 8.30 AM
21 October Bangladesh v Qualifier B2 1:30 PM
22 October Qualifier A2 v Qualifier A3 8.30 AM
22 October Sri Lanka v Qualifier A4 1:30 PM
23 October Qualifier B2 v Qualifier B3 8.30 AM
23 October Bangladesh v Qualifier B4 1:30 PM

Super 12 Schedule Of ICC T20 World Cup 2021

Note: these were the previous fixtures. As soon as ICC published the latest schedule we will update here immediately.

Date Matches Time (IST)
24 October Australia v Pakistan 1:30 PM
24 October India v South Africa 4.30 PM
25 October A1 v B2 8.30 AM
25 October New Zealand v Windies 1.30 PM
26 October Afghanistan v A2 11.30 AM
26 October England v B1 4.30 PM
27 October New Zealand v B2 1.30 PM
28 October Afghanistan v B1 11.30 AM
28 October Australia v Windies 4.30 PM
29 October Pakistan v A1 8.30 AM
29 October India v A2 1.30 PM
30 October England v South Africa 1.30 PM
30 October Windies v B2 4.30 PM
31 October Pakistan v New Zealand 9.30 AM
31 October Australia v A1 2.30 PM
1 November South Africa v Afghanistan 9.00 AM
1 November India v England 1.30 PM
2 November A2 v B1 8.30 AM
2 November New Zealand v A1 2.30 PM
3 November Pakistan v Windies 9.00 AM
3 November Australia v B2 2.00 PM
4 November England v Afghanistan 2.30 PM
5 November South Africa v A2 9.00 AM
5 November India v B1 2.00 PM
6 November Pakistan v B2 8.30 AM
6 November Australia v New Zealand 1.30 PM
7 November England v A2 9.00 AM
7 November Windies v A1 1.30 PM
8 November South Africa v B1 8.30 AM
8 November India v Afghanistan 1.30 PM
Semi Finals
11 November TBC v TBC 1.30 PM
12 November TBC v TBC 2.00 PM
15 November TBC v TBC 1.30 PM

T20 world cup 2021 schedule pdf file for super 12s, download file attached below.

Pdf File Store makes the schedule pdf. So, anyone can download the T20 world cup schedule pdf and print it for hanging in the wall(bracket). Various pdf model is available before the game start. You can download your likable design of the schedule.

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