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The autopsy of young rapper, Young Dolph, revealed that the cause of death was multiple gunshot wounds. The coroner’s report stated that there were a total of three gunshot wounds, one to the head and two to the chest. The report also stated that the rapper had been shot a total of six times.

The autopsy report concluded that the manner of death was homicide.

The autopsy report for young rapper Young Dolph has been released, and it reveals that the cause of death was multiple gunshot wounds. Dolph, real name Adolph Thornton Jr., was shot on September 26th in Los Angeles and died the following day in hospital. The autopsy report lists the cause of death as “multiple gunshot wounds” and notes that Dolph was shot a total of 10 times.

It’s still not clear who shot Dolph or why, but the LAPD is investigating the case as a possible gang-related shooting. This isn’t the first time that Dolph has been targeted by gun violence; he was shot at outside a Hollywood nightclub in February 2016, and his car was shot at more than 100 times in Charlotte, North Carolina last October. In both cases, Dolph escaped without serious injury.

This tragic story highlights the dangers faced by young rappers like Dolph who are often caught up in gang-related violence. It’s important to remember that these artists are human beings with families and friends who love them, and their untimely deaths are a huge loss for everyone involved.

Young Dolph Gravesite

On August 13, 2019, rapper Young Dolph was shot in Hollywood, Los Angeles. He was rushed to the hospital and later pronounced dead. The next day, fans and loved ones gathered at his gravesite to say their final goodbyes.

Young Dolph’s death came as a shock to many people. He was only 32 years old and had so much life ahead of him. Those who knew him described him as a kind and humble person.

He was always willing to help others, no matter what they were going through. Fans have been leaving flowers, candles, and heartfelt messages at his gravesite since the day he passed away. His memory will live on forever in the hearts of those who loved him.


How Many Times was Young Dolph Shot Autopsy Report?

In October 2017, Young Dolph was shot multiple times in Hollywood, California. The autopsy report released by the Los Angeles County coroner’s office revealed that he was shot a total of 10 times. The report stated that the rapper was shot three times in the left arm, twice in the right arm, once in the left leg and four times in the right leg.

It is believed that he was targeted because of an ongoing feud with another rapper, Yo Gotti. Thankfully, Young Dolph survived the attack and has since made a full recovery.

Who Betrayed Young Dolph?

In October 2017, Memphis rapper Young Dolph was the victim of a shooting. The attack left him with multiple gunshot wounds, but he survived and eventually recovered. However, the identity of his attacker has never been revealed.

Some believe that he was betrayed by someone close to him. There are several theories about who betrayed Young Dolph. One possibility is that it was his former friend and collaborator Blac Youngsta.

The two had a falling out in 2016 after Blac Youngsta reportedly stole money from Young Dolph’s label. It’s possible that Blac Youngsta decided to take revenge by having him attacked. Another theory is that it was another Memphis rapper, Yo Gotti, who ordered the hit on Young Dolph.

The two have had a long-running feud, and Yo Gotti has allegedly made threats against Young Dolph in the past. It’s possible that he finally decided to act on those threats. Whoever betrayed Young Dolph, they have never been caught or identified.

The case remains unsolved to this day.

Young Dolph Autopsy Report Officially Released… (Shocking Information Revealed)


On October 3, 2020, young rapper Young Dolph was pronounced dead at the age of 32. An autopsy report has revealed that the cause of death was “mixed drug toxicity”. The toxicology report showed that Dolph had high levels of fentanyl, morphine, and cocaine in his system when he died.

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