Vigilus Defiant

The Imperium Nihilus: Vigilus Defiant pdf is a military strategy campaign book for the War Hammer 40,000’s 8th Edition, which covers several battlefronts on the besieged Imperial world of Vigilus.

War Hammer 40,000

Developer(s) Games Workshop

Citadel Miniatures

Forge World

Producer(s) Games Workshop
Platform(s) Table Top
Release date 1987– Present


The War Hammer 40,000 is a miniature strategy military battle game that is very popular both in the US and UK.  The book is developed by the Games Workshop Company and has been available since 1987.

The game uses action figures to enact war-games and is set in a distant future where humans are under attack from hostile aliens and other supernatural creatures.

So the action figures in the game area are humans, aliens, and supernatural creatures. Moreover, the characters carry human, alien, and supernatural weapons that are controlled by magic.

The game also has models of terrain, including buildings, trees, hills, and other landscapes.

The gameplay includes using dice that a player rolls for their corresponding turn. They then use their turn to move their forces around the battlefield until they conquer their opponents. The winning campaign is determined using the die and some simple math.


The Imperium Nihilus: Vigilus Defiant

Warhammer 40,000 has six exciting battle zones for use in the game. Each has new tactical challenges and rules that represent different battle environments.

Instructions on how to place terrain elements on the battlefield to better represent Vigilus’ various war zones

Specific rules for using the various factions that fought Vigilus are also available. And this includes technical sheets from Marneus Calgar, his Victrix Guard, and the Haarken World.

Game Play

War is ravaging the world of Vigilas’ guards.  They are worried about the ogre Speedwaagh who, together with the Genesteeler cultists, intend to destroy the mouth of the Nakmund Gauntlet, which holds strategic value and must not fall into their hands. So the empire must defend it to the last man.

However, the invasion of Chaos has begun. This rebellion can damage the empire because the disorder’s charge has already started and led by the Herald of Abaddon himself.  The warlord is responsible for much destruction around the planet.

Imperium Nihilus: Vigilus Defiant is filled with exciting experiences and new rules that allow you to tackle the exciting events listed in the book. Some of them are:

  1. Details of the various troops that fought in this campaign. It includes a description of the main actions, an illustration of the main character, an analysis of the combat group’s structure, mission cards, and much more.
  2. Description of the planet Vigilus and its military nature
  3. Campaign deployment map describes the battles fought in each war zone, main environmental characteristics, and military details.
  4. The pre-war background of the Vigilus, where the planet became the context of the war between the Empire, Zenos, and Chaos.
  5. Campaign rules to bring the narrative of this book to life
  6. Vigilus system star map
  7. From the Great Elevator’s opening to the arrival of Marneus Calgar, who takes command of the Space Navy army to fight the invasion of the Haarken Worldclaimer.

The Guide contains additional levels of rules unique to the narrative. In addition to the Nihilus event table and 12 narrative game missions (6 Crucible of War, 6 Echoes of War), there are additional special rules and strategies for the event. War for Watchers


22 specialized departments. Each depicts many of the fighting styles unique to the factions that fought in the Vigillas, as well as the characteristics, relics, and strategies of the new warlords individual to each division.

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