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Evelyn Hugo was once the most famous actress in Hollywood. Her face graced the cover of magazines and her films were adored by millions. But now, at the age of 79, she is ready to tell her story; all seven husbands included.

In a series of interviews with journalist Monique Grant, Evelyn opens up about her life, her loves, and what it was really like to live in the spotlight. From her humble beginnings as a poor immigrant in Brooklyn, to her days as a rising starlet in Tinseltown, Evelyn’s journey is one of determination and resilience. She has survived scandal, heartbreak, and betrayal; all while maintaining an air of mystery that has kept the public captivated for decades.

With each husband comes a new chapter in Evelyn’s story, and as she looks back on her life, she finally feels ready to share it with the world.

Evelyn Hugo was one of the most iconic actresses of her generation. She was beautiful, talented, and had a string of high-profile relationships with some of the most eligible bachelors in Hollywood. But what everyone wanted to know was who would be her seventh husband?

Taylor Jenkins Reid’s novel tells the story of Evelyn’s life, from her humble beginnings in Hollywood to her glamorous heyday. We learn about her seven husbands, each one different from the last, and how they all shaped her into the woman she became. It’s a fascinating read that gives us a glimpse into the complicated life of a true Hollywood legend.


Why Did Evelyn Hugo Marry So Many Times

Evelyn Hugo was born into a wealthy family in 1926 and married her first husband, George Sanderson, in 1944. She had two children with him, but the marriage was not a happy one. In 1953, she met and fell in love with Spanish artist Diego Rivera.

They had an affair while she was still married to Sanderson, which caused a scandal. The affair ended when Rivera left her for another woman. Hugo divorced Sanderson in 1955 and married French actor Jean-Paul Belmondo the following year.

The marriage lasted less than a year and ended in divorce. In 1957, she married Italian prince Fulco di Verdura, but they too divorced after just a few months together. Her fourth and final marriage was to American businessman Calvin Klein in 1963.

They remained married until his death in 1986. During their marriage, she gave birth to twin sons who were later killed in a car accident. Evelyn Hugo’s string of failed marriages has been the subject of much speculation over the years.

Some have suggested that her need for attention and validation led her to seek out relationships with famous and powerful men who could give her what she wanted. Others believe that she simply had bad luck when it came to choosing partners. Whatever the reason, Evelyn Hugo’s tumultuous love life is certainly one of the most fascinating aspects of her fascinating life story.

What was the Real Reason behind Evelyn’S Relationships With Her Husbands

Evelyn’s first husband was a man she met while working in a nightclub. He was wealthy and she thought he could provide her with the life she wanted. Unfortunately, the marriage was short-lived and ended in divorce.

Evelyn’s second husband was an actor. She married him for his looks and fame, but the relationship quickly turned sour. The two divorced after just a few years.

Finally, Evelyn found happiness with her third husband, who was a simple carpenter. He loved her for who she was, and they remained married until his death. It is clear that Evelyn’s relationships with her husbands were based on superficial factors rather than true love or compatibility.

She married for money and status, but ultimately found happiness with a man who loved her for herself.

How Did Evelyn’S Husband’S React to Her Career And Fame

Evelyn’s husband was very supportive of her career and fame. He was always behind her, cheering her on and helping her to achieve her goals. Her husband truly believed in her talent and helped to make all of her dreams come true.

How Did Evelyn’S Marriages Change Throughout Her Life

Evelyn’s first marriage was to a man named George. They were married for six years and had two children together. Evelyn then divorced George and married her second husband, Richard.

They were married for eight years and had one child together. Evelyn then divorced Richard and married her third husband, John. They were married for twelve years and had three children together.

the seven husbands of evelyn hugo by taylor jenkins reid booktok compilation


Evelyn Hugo is a reclusive Hollywood starlet who was married seven times throughout her life. In a tell-all interview with journalist Monique Grant, Evelyn finally reveals the truth about her husbands and why she kept them hidden from the public eye. Evelyn’s first husband, Claude Oliver, was a French actor she met while working on her first film.

They were married for two years before Claude died in a car accident. Evelyn’s second husband, Oscar Lerman, was an American film producer whom she met at one of Claude’s parties. They were married for ten years before Oscar died of cancer.

Evelyn’s third husband, Dominick Aurelio, was an Italian director she met while working on a film in Rome. They were married for four years before Dominick left Evelyn for another woman. Evelyn’s fourth husband, James Aiken III, was an aristocrat she met while attending one of Lady Mendl’s parties in London.

They were married for six months before James died in a hunting accident. Evelyn’s fifth husband, Harry Winston Scott, was an American businessman she met at a party thrown by one of her friends in New York City. They were married for three years before Harry died of a heart attack.

Evelyn’s sixth husband, Alexander Bridgeforth Jr., was an African-American doctor she met while volunteering at a free clinic in Harlem. They were married for nine years before Alexander died of complications from diabetes.

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