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Steel Table by R.Agor is especially published for civil engineering field students. It is a thorough book for undergraduate students in civil engineering. This book helps to take data on the design of different kinds of bars, strips, mild steel flats, rolled steam beams, and reinforcement factors for slabs.

Along with the market, R.Agor’s Steel Table PDF is available online. For a better understanding, this book includes various illustrations and pictorial discussions. R.Agor’s Steel Table PDF is crucial for civil engineering students preparing for the GATE and IES exams. Students at prestigious universities and institutes prefer the book.

Book Details

Book Name Steel Table (M.K.S. Units and S.I. Units)
Author R.Agor
Category Civil Engineering Books, Education Books
Book Language English
Publisher Birla Publications
Pages 98
ICBN 935144855X
Country India
Book Size 50 MB
Book Price INR 90/-

Steel Table PDF

Steel Table by R.Agor

Students will find the chapters easy to follow because they are constructed with pictorial discussion, tables, and charts.

There are 33 chapters in this book. The book explains rolled steel equal angles, unequal angles, tee bars, beams, and channels in detail. The properties of two equal angles, as well as unequal angles, are perfectly described here. Every two identical joints and a single joist with additional plates and channels on both flanges are described perfectly. The areas and perimeters of round and square bars, as well as their areas and perimeters, are appropriately defined here. For single angle struts, the edge distance of holes, weights, and cross-sectional area of mild steel flats, stripe, sheet, a single and double bolt of safe loads have accurate confession in this book. The book explains how to lace or combat double channels with flanges butting and welded toe to toe in columns, as well as two columns of the same dimension. The area of rivet holes and moments of inertia of one web plate and two flanges per centimeter width around the X-X axis of one web plate and two flanges are also finely disclosed here. A key chapter that is simply discussed here is the areas of round bars in slabs per meter width for variable spacing.


This is an excellent book for building engineers. It explains all data and their classification better than the others. This convenient and inexpensive book contains all of the important information in a compact format. It’s also a better steel structure design suggestion. There is a saying that if a student studies R.Agor’s Steel Table PDF thoroughly, he or she will not need any other guide for their GATE and IES preparation.

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