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Precis writing refers to the sum-up of comprehension in limited words, covering all the important features of that passage. The gist of a passage that conveys the main ideas of that passage is called precis writing. It denotes a clear, concise, and engaging outline of the main theme. It is a process of contraction. It should be short yet informative so that anyone can understand the main theme of the original passage. Precis writing examples with solutions are a great way to acquire an idea about precis writing.

Precis writing can be named summary writing in easy terms. It has to be shorter than the original one. It demands a strong understanding of easy words. It presents the same information, points, and messages of comprehension in a miniature appearance.

Process of Precis Writing

Precis writing is meant to be short yet enlightening. It has to contain the highlights of the main content. But it is not easy at all to shorten a passage keeping all the information intact. Here are some steps that can help in the process of precis writing.

  • Realize the passage

The main and the most important point of precis writing is to read the passage again and again. You may have overlooked some points or not have understood them properly. Reading the text frequently can get you that overlooked points in an understood manner. It can form a conceptual summary of the content. So, you can easily connect with the theme and explain them in a better way.

  • Highlight the text

While reading the text, again and again, use a highlighter and highlight the main description of the study. Note the highlighted lines according to the main order of the text and ignore the unnecessary discussion. That will bring up the main ideas of the text and also summarize them.

  • Make a mental outline

Before writing a precis, create a mind map organizing the highlighted lines. Roughout the points you need. Revise them frequently as you may need to add or omit some points. Maintain the conceptual order of the mainstream.

  • Remove errors

Revise your precis multiple times, so that you can notice if there are any errors or grammatical misuse. Your content has to be error-free. Make your simple sentences so that it can be easy to read.

Uses of Precis Writing

In this busy world, people often have to go through the highlights of books, movies, articles, news, or such other context instead of having the full. Precis writing examples with solutions help people to connect with the current world through precis. So precis have to deliver the main points without any modification. Precis writing is essential in the following sectors:

  • It can be used to describe a chapter to understand the basics.
  • It can be used to highlight meetings or job descriptions.
  • It is used to describe the main plots of movies, dramas, and novels.
  • It is also used to provide the essence of scientific reports and researches.

Important Characteristics of a Good Precis

Writing a good precis is not as easy as it sounds. Various factors make a good precis. A set of components that you must concern for a good precis is mentioned here:

  • Length of the precis

Precis is a summary. Never write a lengthy precis. Your precis shouldn’t be lengthier than the original text. It should contain almost one-third of the total word of the comprehension.

  • Convenient to read

Avoid using complex vocabulary that makes your precis complicated to understand. Use simple language and easy words that make your precis more convenient to read.

  • Informative

Precis means to shorten the passage, but it doesn’t mean to exclude important information from the text. Any unnecessary information that is not mentioned in the main passage, should not be included in the precis. Note down important terms and points and extract unnecessary discussion to make it more informative.

  • Appropriate Title

Use an appropriate title for your precis that makes it eye-catchy and meaningful. So, the reader must ensure that the precis contains the gist of the original comprehension.

The above-mentioned points are enough to write a good precis and create a good demand among the readers.

Dos for Writing Good Precis

These useful tips mentioned below can be helpful enough in good precis writing:

  • Start with the basic knowledge of the comprehension that makes your precis more convenient to read.
  • Express a clear thought to the reader on what he/she is going to read.
  • Make a drought on all the important points, facts, ideas, or methods that are mentioned in the main context and include them all thoroughly.
  • Don’t forget to mention the important keywords and terms that are mentioned in the comprehension.
  • Maintain the track of tenses you use in the precis. Historical data should be described in past tense only. It is better to use the third person in your precis.
  • Try to link up common examples in your precis. It will make it convenient.

Don’ts for writing a good precis

If writing a good precis is a difficult task for you, then simply maintain these don’ts to make it convenient:

  • Don’t make it lengthy. It is meant to be short and simple. Avoid elaborating a lot on a single point.
  • Don’t make it overcomplicated using a complex sentence or hard vocabulary.
  • Never use your assumptions, imaginations, criticism, or outside information about the passage on your precis.
  • Avoid copying the exact sentence from the original text and using abbreviations.
  • Don’t create a question-answer format. It may lengthen you’re your precis and make it hard to understand.
  • Organize your important information according to the flow of the original text so that it can connect with the mainstream.

Precis writing examples with solutions PDF

precis writing examples

Examples are the best way to understand anything that may seem hard to you. We often get stuck at a point where we can’t find a way out to describe our project. Examples help us to realize the situation that we find difficult. Examples with its solution make an easy way to explain the situation. Precis writing is more like this. You can define the whole comprehension using an example and make a solution. It can make your precis more convenient to the reader. We often see summarizing stories in question papers or plots of movies and novels written on the first page of the book.

All these are an illustration of precis. You can easily use an example to describe the whole comprehension of the story. So, if you are determined to be a good precis writer, follow the precis writing samples with answers as much as you can. It will help you to create a mental map of how you can write a short, easy, informative, and good precis.

Final Worlds

Your precis writing should be a revised statement of the main theme of the source text. You have to sum up all the important points, information and provide keywords, opinions, and judgments that you have noted from the original text. You must carefully objectify the gist of the original comprehension including the important points. It should be a highlight of the original one. It has a practical time-consuming advantage also. So anyone gets to know the main theme without reading the whole passage.

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