Panjeree Test Paper

Panjeree publications have always been favorite to all. Especially in the case of students, a complete panjeree book or test paper helps a lot to make a good result in the examination. For all board examination candidate, if he or she practices a set of panjeree book, surely that student will get his question paper common. And this article is for the pdf version of an SSC Panjeree test paper.

Quality of Panjeree books:

Though is quite unnecessary to explain or talk about the quality of a set of Panjeree book because we all know how much wanted this book to every student of all school and colleges.

SSC Test Papers Books:

Bangla first part:

The book Bangla first part of the panjeree test paper is a complete addition of Bangla book and also it requires question from different well-known schools. Board question and model test for practice also is in the book. As the answer sheet is separated from the question paper, any student can test her/his preparation only by reading the question paper.

Bangla’s second paper:

Same as Bangla’s first part it has questions from famous schools with solving.

English First paper:

A good translation of the textbook’s different passages, with so many paragraphs, and necessary topics including the syllabus, Panjerry English test paper has made it wonderful. Besides the model test are also useful.

General Math test paper:

Accourding to different chapters, the easiest and the most simply understandable solution is in the Panjeree SSC test paper.

Higher math:

Mathematics is a hard subject for students. So as higher math. But by solving a panjeree test paper one’s preparation will surely be better.


This one is made of a question bank of all kinds of possible questions so that students can practice properly and Answer in the examination hall whatever or how much harder the question is.


With a good interpret, chemistry books have been garnished. Usually, science students feel difficulties in this subject but on this day’s teachers and students, both prefer the Panjeree test paper the most.


Same as another science subject this book is perfection.

Information and Communication Technology:

This is also an important subject. so as a student a Panjeree test of ICT will help.

Not only for the science students but also another section Panjeree publishes test paper book.

Like they publish

  • Finance and Banking.

* Introduction of Business.

* Business Entrepreneurship.

* General Science.

* Accounting

* History.

* Civics.

* Geography and Environment.

* Economical Geography.

* Economics.

* Home Economics.

* Home Science.

* Agricultural Science.

And also for vocational students.

In the market, those books cost so much. many of the students can’t afford it. Here comes the pdf version which will let you read the books and practice them.


Panjeree is always the first choice of the students and as well as the teachers. The PDf version is also as useful as the hard copy. And practicing more and more a student will easily be skillful in all subjects.

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