Palm Tran Route 61 Pdf

Palm tran route 61 pdf is available for download on the official website. It provides a comprehensive map and schedule for route 61 buses running in palm beach county.

Palm tran is a public transit agency serving palm beach county, florida. Route 61 is a popular bus route that runs from the palm beach gardens mall to the boca raton tri-rail station, passing through major cities like boynton beach and delray beach.

The route operates seven days a week, with frequent services during peak hours and reduced schedule on weekends and holidays. To help passengers plan their journey, palm tran provides a detailed map and schedule in pdf format on its website. The map outlines the entire route with stops and transfer points, while the schedule displays the estimated arrival and departure times at each stop. The pdf is easily accessible and printable, making it a convenient resource for palm tran riders.

Palm Tran Route 61 Pdf


Route Details

Palm tran route 61 is one of the most popular commuter routes in palm beach county. It’s a local bus service that runs from boca raton to lake worth. The starting point is at the palm beach state college boca raton campus, while the ending point is at the lake worth tri-rail station.

The bus frequency is approximately every 15 minutes, and the journey takes around an hour and a half. The route passes through several major landmarks and destinations, including town center at boca raton, royal palm place, mizner park, florida atlantic university, and palm beach state college.

It also covers several residential areas, making it an important mode of transportation for local residents. Overall, palm tran route 61 offers a convenient, affordable, and eco-friendly transportation option for commuters in palm beach county.

Palm Tran Route 61 Map

The palm tran route 61 map is available in pdf format. This map offers a detailed representation of the entire route, making it easier for riders to navigate. To read the map, simply look for the numbered stops that match your desired destination.

These stops are marked on the map with a circle and a number, allowing you to locate them promptly. Additionally, the map shows the bus stops, which serves as a handy reference if you need to adjust your route. With the palm tran route 61 map in pdf format, you can quickly and easily plan your travels.

Schedule Information

Palm tran route 61 pdf provides commuters with essential information about bus schedules. Passengers can know the timings of the first and last bus of the day. The schedule also includes timings for the entire route, allowing travelers to plan their trips accordingly.

In case of any changes in the schedule, the information is updated in the pdf, saving passengers the hassle of checking elsewhere. With this information, commuters can make informed decisions and avoid any inconvenience during their travels.

Benefits Of Pdf Version

Having a pdf version of palm tran route 61 brings a plethora of benefits over a printed version. Firstly, it saves space and is easily accessible through any device. To download the pdf version, you can simply visit the official website of palm tran or use a third-party app.

Another advantage of having pdf is its print-friendly nature. Users can print a copy of the schedule and carry it around without any hassle. No need to worry about losing or damaging the physical copy. So, if you are a regular commuter of palm tran route 61, ditch the printed version and switch to the pdf version for more convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions For Palm Tran Route 61 Pdf

What Is Palm Tran Route 61?

Palm tran route 61 is a bus route that passes through major cities in palm beach county, florida.

Where Can I Find The Palm Tran Route 61 Schedule?

You can find the palm tran route 61 schedule and map on palm tran’s official website or app, or at bus stops and transit centers.

How Often Does Palm Tran Route 61 Run?

Palm tran route 61 runs every day, every 30-60 minutes depending on the time of day.

What Are The Fares For Palm Tran Route 61?

The fares for palm tran route 61 vary depending on the passenger’s age and time of day. It ranges from $1. 50 to $5. 00.

Does Palm Tran Route 61 Have Any Special Services?

Palm tran route 61 offers ada paratransit service for eligible passengers who cannot ride regular buses. It also has bike racks on board for cyclists.


As we come to the end of this post, it is clear that the palm tran route 61 pdf is a valuable resource for commuters in palm beach county. Now that you have easy access to the route schedules, maps, and fares in pdf format, you can plan your trips with confidence.

It is important to note that the palm tran route 61 pdf is just one of many transportation options available to you. Whether you opt for public transportation, ride-sharing, or driving yourself, it is crucial to stay informed of all available options to make the most of your time and budget.

We hope that this post has been informative and helpful in your transportation planning. As always, stay safe and enjoy your travels!

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