How to White Out Text in PDF on Mac: Tips and Tricks

To white out text in pdf on mac, use the markup tools within preview. Simply select the text and choose the whiteout option from the dropdown menu.

This method is quick, easy, and built-in to the mac operating system. Pdf documents have become integral to daily business operations in modern times. You may often need to redact or conceal sensitive information from pdf documents while sharing them. In this scenario, white-out is a useful tool that allows you to completely remove or conceal text so that it is no longer visible. While there are numerous online tools and applications to do this, as a mac user, you have a built-in feature to “white-out” text. In this article, we will discuss the easiest way to white out text in pdf on mac by using the markup tool within preview.

How to White Out Text in PDF on Mac: Tips and Tricks


Using The Markup Tool

Need to learn how to white out text in pdf on mac? No worries, preview app can help. To access the markup tool, open your pdf in preview app, click on the pen icon in the top-right corner and select “markup toolbar”.

Then, choose the rectangle icon, select the color white from the right-hand side and draw over the text you wish to hide. Adjust the size and opacity of the tool by click-holding down the rectangle icon. Lastly, to make sure you have properly covered all the text, use the magnifying glass.

Simply click on the magnifying glass in the markup toolbar and highlight the area where you previously hid the text. For visual learners, screenshots can aid in their understanding, so be sure to include them in your instructions.

Using The Adobe Acrobat Pro Dc Software

Adobe acrobat pro dc software is a popular tool for editing pdf files. Its features are vast and include the ability to redact information, which is helpful when you want to white out text in pdf on mac. Using the redaction tool in adobe acrobat pro dc is straightforward, and customizing it can save time while editing.

To get started, select the text you want to redact, then click on the redaction tool to cover the area with a black box. You can also customize the redaction tool to your liking, such as changing the color or opacity.

Taking screenshots and annotating them can make the process easier to understand for others. With adobe acrobat pro dc, you can white out text in pdf on mac seamlessly.

Using Third-Party Apps

Introducing third-party apps can greatly help you white out text in a pdf on mac. Two popular apps to consider are pdfelement and pdf expert. Both have efficient tools to make white out text hassle-free. Pdfelement costs $79, while pdf expert costs $59.

99. However, pdfelement has more limitations than pdf expert when it comes to editing options. If you do not want to purchase these apps, then you may want to consider free alternatives like preview and apple’s own pdf editor. With the help of these apps, you can keep your confidential information secure by easily removing any personal details from your pdfs.

Frequently Asked Questions For How To White Out Text In Pdf On Mac

What Is The Easiest Way To White Out Text In A Pdf Document On Mac Os?

The easiest way to white out text in a pdf document on mac os is using the “annotate” function in the preview app. Simply select the text that you want to white out, click on “tools,” and choose “annotate. ” from there, select “rectangle,” draw a rectangle over the text, and then use the color picker to fill it in with white.

Can You Undo The Whiteout Effect To The Pdf Text After It Is Applied On Mac?

No, once the whiteout effect is applied to the pdf text on mac, it cannot be undone as the original text is permanently covered by the whiteout effect. It is recommended to make a copy of the pdf file before applying any edits or effects to avoid permanently altering the original content.

What Is The Recommended Tool Or Application For Efficiently White Out Text In Pdfs On Mac?

The recommended tool/application for efficiently white out text in pdfs on mac is adobe acrobat pro dc. It provides advanced pdf editing features such as redacting sensitive information, hiding confidential information, and erasing text without affecting the rest of the document.

Is There A Free Way To White Out Text In Pdf Documents On Mac Without Paying For Expensive Software?

Yes, there are multiple free ways to white out text in pdf documents on mac without paying for expensive software. One method is to use the preview app that comes pre-installed on mac computers. Another option is to use online tools such as pdfescape or smallpdf, which allow you to edit pdf documents for free.

Does Whitening Out Text Affect The Layout Of A Pdf On Mac, Or Does It Preserve The Structure And Formatting Of The Document?

Whitening out text in a pdf on mac does not affect the layout or structure of the document. It only removes the content visually without changing the underlying formatting or structure.


After going through this tutorial on how to white out text in pdf on mac, you should now be able to quickly and easily remove sensitive or personal information from your pdf documents using pdfelement for mac. With just a few clicks, you can hide or completely remove any text that you do not want to appear on your pdf.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a tech-savvy person to do it. The step-by-step guide is so easy to follow that even a beginner can accomplish the task in no time. The impressive feature is the flexibility and ease of use of pdfelement for mac – making it a great tool for both professionals and beginners.

Using this tool, you can also add annotations, comments, and other editing functions to your pdf documents. So, now, you have all the tools in your arsenal to make your pdf editing experience smooth and efficient.

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