How to Reduce Pdf File Size Windows 10

One of the most common issues people have with PDF files is that they can be very large, making them difficult to email or upload to websites. There are a few different ways to reduce the file size of your PDFs without losing any quality, and we’re going to show you how to do it on Windows 10. To start, open up the PDF you want to resize in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

  • Open the PDF in Acrobat DC
  • Click on “File” in the top left corner
  • Select “Save As Other” from the dropdown menu
  • Choose “Reduced Size PDF” from the pop-up window
  • Set your desired options in the next pop-up window and click “OK”
  • Your new, smaller PDF will be saved in the location you specified

Reduce Pdf Size

When it comes to reducing the size of a PDF, there are a few options available. One is to use a free online PDF converter like This website will allow you to upload your PDF and then choose from a variety of options to reduce its size.

Another option is to download a trial version of Adobe Acrobat XI Pro. With this program, you can open your PDF and click on “Document” in the main menu. Then select “Optimize Scanned Pages” or “Reduce File Size” from the list of options.


How Do I Make a Pdf File Smaller So I Can Upload It?

When it comes to uploading PDF files, size matters. If your PDF is too large, you may not be able to upload it or email it as you’d like. Fortunately, there are a few ways to make a PDF file smaller so that it’s more manageable.

One way to reduce the size of your PDF is to compress it. You can do this using software like Adobe Acrobat or an online compression tool like Smallpdf. When you compress a PDF, you’re essentially reducing the amount of data in the file without compromising quality.

This means that the file will take up less space and will be easier to upload or send electronically. Another way to make a PDF smaller is by optimizing its content. This means removing any unnecessary images, fonts or other elements that are taking up space but aren’t essential to the document.

You can do this using software like Adobe Acrobat or an online optimization tool like Pdfoptimizer. By optimizing your PDF, you can make it much smaller without sacrificing quality or losing important information. Finally, you can also reduce the physical size of your PDF by changing its page dimensions.

If your PDF has pages that are unnecessarily large, you can resize them so that they’re more compact and take up less space. To do this in Adobe Acrobat, go to “Document” > “Page Size” and enter new dimensions for your pages. Keep in mind that making your pages too small may cause some text or images to become cut off, so be sure to choose appropriate dimensions for your document before making any changes permanent.

How Do I Reduce the Size of a Pdf File in Windows?

If you’re looking to reduce the size of a PDF file, there are a few things you can do. First, check to see if your PDF has any unnecessary or large images. If so, you can try compressing them with an online tool like TinyPNG.

You can also try changing the quality of your images from within your PDF software (such as Adobe Acrobat) – often, reducing the quality will also reduce the file size. Another thing to check is whether your PDF contains any embedded fonts. These can often be quite large, so removing them can significantly reduce file size.

Finally, make sure that your PDF is saved in the smallest possible file format – usually ‘PDF/A’. By following these steps, you should be able to reduce the size of most PDF files quite significantly.

How Do I Reduce a Pdf to 10 Mb?

When it comes to reducing the size of a PDF, there are a few options available depending on what software you have access to. One option is to use Adobe Acrobat Pro, which has a “Reduce File Size” feature that can be found under the “File” menu. This tool will allow you to specify the desired file size and then attempt to reduce the PDF accordingly.

Another option is to use a free online converter such as, which also has a file size reduction feature. Simply upload your PDF and choose the “Compress PDF” option, then select your desired file size and let the site do its work.

How to Compress PDFs in Windows 10!


The PDF file format is very popular for sharing documents, but the files can be quite large. If you need to reduce the size of a PDF on your Windows 10 computer, there are a few different methods you can use. One way to reduce the size of a PDF is to compress it using an online service or software.

There are many free options available, and they can typically reduce the file size by up to 70%. Another way to reduce the size of a PDF is to delete any unnecessary content from the file before saving it. This includes removing any blank pages or pages with little text or graphics.

You can also try reducing the resolution of images within the PDF if they’re not needed at full quality. If you need to further reduce the size of your PDF, you can use special software designed for this purpose. These programs will often allow you to select which parts of your PDF should be compressed, so you have more control over the final file size.

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