3 Methods to Convert Tiff to Pdf

Tiff is software that is used to format images. Tagged Image File Format (Tiff) is known for containing high-quality graphics; it can also hold all kinds of images. Tiff is also known by the name of Tagged Image Format (Tiff). It also accommodates vector-based graphic data. Tiff is not preferable for smaller files. It is only recommended for larger files because it can contain any image like lossy jpeg or lossless images. This software offers so many options for its users to serve better quality files. Also, it provides programs like Photoshop.

Compared to other image formats, larger Tiff files are hard to manage. Sometimes the file crashes because of the size, or sometimes it takes time to open large Tiff files. To evade these kinds of errors, we need to convert tiff images into Pdf files.

A Tiff file can be easily converted to a Pdf file by following some simple methods.

Method 1: Using an online converter

  • Go to this site Image to PDF converter
  • Drag your Tiff file in the yellow box. You can drag all the required files in here

  • Adjust the file by selecting the option in the bellow and choose your required margin, output line, etc.

  • Click on the ‘Create Pdf’ and wait for the process
  • Now download your Pdf file

Method 2: Convert A Tiff file into Pdf in Adobe Acrobat

  • One must have the paid version of Adobe Acrobat to convert Pdf files into any other files
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  • Open the Adobe Acrobat on your device
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  • Click on the option name ‘Select A File’


  • Now navigate the location of the required Tiff file and click it
  • Choose the ‘Create’ option
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  • Select ‘PDF From File’ from the right corner of the toolbar
  • Open the folder of your Tiff file, then select the ‘Add Files’ option and choose your Tiff file to convert into Pdf.
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  • Click on the ‘Open’ option from the corner of the window. Now all the files will begin to upload here
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  • Click in the middle to convert into Pdf. Now the selected Tiff file will start to be converted into a Pdf file
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  • Lastly, click on the save option to get the new Pdf file and locate it in your required place.
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Method 3: Use a free online Tiff file converter

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  • Click the option ‘Upload Files’
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  • Open the Tiff file’s location on the window and now select your required Tiff file, which you want to convert into a Pdf file.
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  • There will be an option as ‘Open,’ in the right corner; click on it. Now all the selecting files will begin to upload on the site.
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  • For uploading the file, it may take a few seconds to process the Tiff file
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  • After Uploading the whole file, there is an option in the middle of the window named ‘Download’. Click on it.
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  • Your Tiff file should be converted now into a Pdf file.

Other than the above methods, there are so many easy and quick ways to convert any Tiff file to Pdf File. But to solve the Tiff file problem, the best option is the Online Convertors because it’s accessible to all the users.

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