How To Convert iBook To Pdf

If you are looking to convert iBook to pdf on mac, windows, iPad, iPhone, then we have the best solution in our arsenal.

To convert an iBook to pdf makes it easy to read multiple ebooks with multiple ebook readers and any pdf reader device. The iBook to pdf converter supports all popular ebook types (Kindle Books, Sony Books, iPad, iPhone, etc.) and supports conversion between different formats such as IBook to PDF. To convert an IBook, you will probably need to click with the computer mouse. You may need to find the IBook simply click Start Conversion to download the new ebook. Usually, some IBook’s can be converted in minutes.

Why should I convert iBook to pdf?

Suppose you bought an iBook from the iBook store and want to share it with your friends, but they do not have an iPhone. So what do you do? Or if you made an iBook with an iBook writer, the iBook works well on the iPad, but you want to read it on other devices, how do you handle that?

In this case, it is usually recommended that you convert the iBook to pdf for the following reasons:

  • .iBook file extension, the author of .iBook can only be read by converting the computer to pdf (export to .pdf) by another computer or device.
  • The Kindle supports PDF format but does not support epub. If you actually want to read an iBook on Kindle, you have to convert it to pdf.
  • Some e-readers support PDF instead of ePub.
  • The IBook is mostly in epub format and can only be read with an iPad, iPod, or iPhone with DRM limitation. You cannot read the iBook on other devices.
  • For books with pictures and graphics, pdf format is more suitable.

Most iBooks purchased from the Apple iBooks store are in .ePub format and can only be recognized by iOS devices, but not by popular e-readers such as Kindle, Nook, and Kobo. To read iBook ePub files with a regular e-reader, you need to find a solution to convert the ePub files to more popular eBook formats such as PDF supported by popular eBook readers and devices. The next article will show you a complete tutorial for converting iBook to PDF in just a few steps.

Best way to convert iBooks Pub to PDF

Before converting ePub iBooks to PDF, an important fact that cannot be ignored is that almost all ePub files purchased from iBooks store are protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management) and cannot be converted directly other ebook formats.

In other words, previously, iBooks never wholly removed the DRM when downloaded from websites. Therefore, to convert the DRM version of iBook to PDF format, there are two main steps one had to do.

First, remove DRM restrictions from the iBook using an iBooks DRM Removal Tool and then convert it to a DRM-free iBook Pub.

You are going to need to find professional eBook converter software and use it to convert the IBook. Moreover, make sure the software has DRM removal capabilities.

You can then do it with the following steps;

Step 1 – Bypass or remove the DRM lock from the protected iBook

There are some iBook DRM remover tools for the Windows and Mac software. This software is predominantly used to remove DRM protection from the iBook DRM version. And it does this by making a high-quality DRM-free ePub iBook file copy at least 30 times faster.

Besides, you can also retain the original Meta information, such as the book’s author, the cover of the book, and the date of publication, with this DRM removal tool, after which you can easily retrieve any iBook DRM file with any e-reader such as Amazon Kindle, Nook Tablet, Kobo, Sony.

This section explains how to convert an iBook to PDF. You should also delete iBook DRM and convert it to eBook format for easy reading and sharing with your friends and family

Step 2: Convert The DRM free iBooks to PDF

When the iBook DRM remover tools have completely removed DRM restrictions, it creates a DRM-free iBook ePub file on your computer that you can freely convert to PDF format for reading with other e-readers.

Some of the top converters online that you can find by using Google are some of the best free software for converting ePub to PDF. You can actually download the version suitable for your computer and then follow the steps below to convert non-DRM iBook to PDF.

Most of these software types require you to download them into your particular computer variety, either Windows or Mac. After installation, you have to open the software and choose the necessary iBook. Then the software will run and convert it to PDF.

The software usually has an output folder, which stores the converted PDF file, and that where you can find the new file.

That is the simplicity of it. Besides today the software is very sophisticated that they can do the conversion very quickly.

After the pdf conversion, you can then share the file with any device that has a PDF reader and can be accessible.


You can also convert iBook to PDF online for free by renting a DRM-free EPUB iBook. However, if you are looking for high-quality conversion, this method is not recommended.

The above are the standard methods to convert iBook to PDF on Windows and PC. Mac users can easily convert .iba and .ibook to PDF using iBooks software. To convert DRM iBook to PDF, you need to use a DRM removal tool and an EPUB to PDF converter, converting ebooks purchased from almost all famous ebook retailers.

Remember to get a legitimate converter when you download because some software can be pirated and have viruses bundled with it. Nowadays, hackers have become very competent in introducing viruses to unsuspecting users, so be vigilant and find a legit website with the correct and functioning converter.

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