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Feluda is a legendary name in the history of Bangla literature. Very few fictional characters touch people’s hearts as much as Feldua does. People from all over Bangla is familiar with this name and his great contribution to the field of crime and mystery solving. The most amazing thing I found about Feluda is that Feluda is equally popular and accepted in every generation. The grandfather and the children both are enjoying the books at the very same time. The Feluda book has crossed over all the boundaries of ages. And the other thing is, the story of Feluda’s investigation revealed so many scientific facts and myths around India, this is what makes Feluda’s books and movies so great. Hope you enjoy the Feluda Somogro pdf.

Who is Feldua?

For those who are still don’t know clearly who is Feluda, this will help them. Feluda is a private investigator. His real name is Prodosh Chandra Mitra but he is most popular and called by his nickname Feluda. Feluda lives at 21 Rajani Sen Road, Ballygunge, Kolkata, West Bengal, India. He solves the most dangerous crime cases that no one can solve. There is one thing I like to add about Feluda’s cases that his case is mainly mystery-solving with very much suspense and thrilling. But as it is a detective novel you may looking for action, there you will be a bit disappointed. Feluda’s books mainly focus on deep story, mystery, thrilling rather than focusing on heavy action. You will discover by yourself when you will read Feluda Somogro pdf.

Creation and the history of Feluda:

The creator of Feluda is the famous Bengali Oscar-winning director and writer Satyajit Ray. Satyajit Ray was the most powerful director and writer in the history of Bangla literature. A legend like him comes only once. Satyajit Ray has contributed so many great films, books in Bangla literature. One of his great inventions and creation is Feluda.

Feluda’s first appearance happened in 1965. The first-ever Feluda’s journey started from a magazine called “Sandesh” under the editorship of Satyajit Ray and Subhash Mukhopadhyay. The very first adventure of Feluda called “Feludar Goyendaghiri”. Feluda’s books were immediately hit and since then it has the same reputation and popularity among the readers. And the first Feluda movie released in 1974 named ” Sonar Kella”.

In the Feluda story, you will meet two other characters, one is Topshe and another one is Lalmohan Ganguly. Lalmohan Ganguly is also known as Jatayu. Topshe is Feluda’s cousin and Feluda’s unofficial assistant. Topshe helps all of Feluda’s investigation. And the Jatayu is a writer, he writes Feluda’s daring adventure. I don’t wanna reveal any more information about Feluda’s books cause it may ruin the story for, you will discover the amazing journey of Feluda’s when you will start reading it.


Feluda is one of the most powerful detective books and movies in Bangla literature. Sometimes Fuluda’s personality match with Sherlock Holmes. If you are a fan of the Holmes investigation process then you will fall in love with Feluda’s journey. Hope you enjoy the books.

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