Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Yen Mah

The story is about a girl named Adeline who is unloved by her stepmother and siblings. She is forced to do all the household chores and is treated like a servant. Despite her difficult life, she remains optimistic and dreams of one day attending the prestigious Zhen Bao School.

When she finally gets her chance, she excels in her studies and becomes one of the top students in her class. However, her stepfamily does everything they can to prevent her from achieving success. Despite the odds, Adeline perseveres and eventually becomes a doctor.

Chinese Cinderella is a heart-wrenching story of a young girl who is treated like a servant by her stepmother and stepsisters. Adeline Yen Mah does an excellent job of depicting the harsh reality of life for many girls in China during that time period. The story highlights the importance of family, love, and hope, as well as the power of resilience in the face of adversity.

It’s an inspirational tale that will stay with readers long after they finish the last page.

Chinese Cinderella Movie

If you’re looking for a heartwarming movie that will leave you feeling inspired, then you’ll want to check out Chinese Cinderella. This film is based on the true story of a young girl named Adeline Yen Mah, who was born into a wealthy family in China but later faced many challenges after her father’s death. Despite the obstacles she faced, Adeline persevered and went on to become a successful doctor and author.

Her story is one of hope and determination, and it’s sure to leave you feeling motivated.

What is the Chinese Cinderella Story About?

The Chinese Cinderella story is a classic tale of a young girl who is mistreated by her stepmother and stepsisters. She is forced to do all the household chores and is always made to feel like she is inferior to them. However, despite all the hardships she faces, Chinese Cinderella remains optimistic and determined to make something of herself.

One day, an invitation arrives for a prestigious ball at the palace.Chinese Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters are thrilled at the prospect of attending, but they forbid her from going. Undeterred, Chinese Cinderella comes up with a plan to attend the ball – and it involves making her own gorgeous gown out of scraps of fabric! At the ball, she captures the attention of the Prince with her beauty and grace.

But when midnight strikes, she must hurry away before anyone can discover that she is not really nobility. As she flees, one of her slippers falls off – but fortunately,the Prince manages to find her again and they live happily ever after. The moral of this story is that no matter how hard life may seem, it is always possible to achieve your dreams if you have faith in yourself.

Is Chinese Cinderella Appropriate?

The story of Chinese Cinderella is a classic tale of triumph over adversity. It is the story of a young girl, who against all odds, manages to find her own happiness and success. The story begins with our protagonist, Ye Xian, living with her stepmother and stepsisters.

From the very beginning, we see that Ye Xian is treated as an outcast in her own home; she is given the most difficult chores and always made to feel like she is less than her siblings. In spite of all this, Ye Xian remains kind and optimistic, always hoping for a better life. One day, Ye Xian’s fairy godmother appears to her and grants her a magical red shoes.

With these shoes, Ye Xian attends a royal ball where she meets the prince. Though she must flee before midnight, leaving one of her shoes behind, the prince is determined to find his mystery woman. After undergoing many trials and tribulations – including being forced into marriage by her stepmother – Ye Xian finally achieves her happy ending when she is reunited with the prince and they live happily ever after.

Chinese Cinderella is not only an inspiring story about overcoming adversity; it also teaches valuable lessons about kindness, perseverance, and staying true to yourself. For these reasons, we believe that Chinese Cinderella is appropriate for all ages.

What is the Message of the Book Chinese Cinderella?

The book Chinese Cinderella is the story of a young girl, Adeline Yen Mah, who is faced with many difficulties in her life. She is rejected by her family, including her stepmother and sisters, because she is considered to be bad luck. Despite all of the obstacles in her life, Adeline persists and eventually becomes successful.

The message of the book is that it is possible to overcome adversity and achieve one’s goals despite difficult circumstances.

Is Chinese Cinderella a Children’S Book?

Yes, Chinese Cinderella is a children’s book. It was written by Adeline Yen Mah and tells the story of her difficult childhood in China. Despite the challenges she faced, she was able to succeed in life and is now a successful writer and physician.

The book has been praised for its insights into Chinese culture and its positive message of perseverance in the face of adversity.

"Chinese Cinderella" by Adeline Yen Mah Analysis | Pearson Edexcel IGCSE English Revision


Adeline Yen Mah was born in 1937 in China. Her mother died when she was only four years old, and her father remarried soon afterwards. Adeline was considered to be bad luck by her stepmother and stepsisters, who treated her poorly as a result.

Despite this, she remained determined to succeed in life. Adeline Yen Mah eventually moved to the United States to study medicine. She is now a successful author and speaker, sharing her powerful story with the world.

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