Bring Me Back Book by B.A. Paris

B.A. Paris’s Bring Me Back is a gripping tale of love and loss. When Finn and Layla meet, they instantly fall in love. But soon after, Layla disappears without a trace.

Finn is left brokenhearted and desperate to find her. Ten years later, he gets a call from Layla’s mother with some shocking news: Layla has been found alive, but she has no memories of the past ten years. Finn is overjoyed at the prospect of being reunited with his lost love, but he soon realizes that there are dark secrets lurking in her past that could destroy their relationship forever.


The book, Bring Me Back by B.A. Paris was an interesting read. The story is about a couple, Finn and Layla, who go on a trip to France and have a terrible accident. Finn is killed and Layla is in a coma.

When she wakes up, she can’t remember what happened to her or Finn. The story follows her as she tries to piece together what happened that fateful night and how it all ties into her current life. I thought the book was well written and suspenseful.

I didn’t see the twist coming at the end and it really surprised me. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a good mystery/thriller.

Bring Me Back Book Movie

If you are a fan of books that are made into movies, then you will love Bring Me Back. This book is about a young couple, Finn and Layla, who are on the verge of getting married. However, their wedding is put on hold when Layla goes missing during their engagement party.

Finn sets out to find her, but as he searches for her, he begins to realize that she may not be the person he thought she was. The book was written by B. A. Paris and it was published in 2016. The movie adaptation of Bring Me Back will be released in 2019.

It is directed by Michael Goi and stars Eoin Macken and Dorian Missick. If you loved the book, then you are sure to enjoy the movie!

What is the Book Bring Me Back by Ba Paris About?

Bring Me Back is a psychological thriller about a couple, Finn and Layla, who are vacationing in the French Alps. Finn goes out for a run one morning and never returns, leaving Layla devastated. Ten years later, Layla is engaged to another man and has finally moved on with her life.

However, she is still haunted by what happened to Finn and decides to return to the French Alps in hopes of finding answers. While Bring Me Back is ultimately a love story, it is also a suspenseful tale that will keep readers guessing until the very end.

What is the Order of Ba Paris Books?

The BA Paris books are a series of books written by British author BA Paris. The series consists of four books, all of which have been bestsellers. The first book in the series is Behind Closed Doors, which was published in 2016.

The second book, The Breakdown, was published in 2017. The third book, Bring Me Back, was published in 2018. The fourth and final book in the series, Look For Me, will be published in 2019.

Is Ba Paris Writing a New Book?

No, as of right now there is no new book in the works by BA Paris. The author has not made any announcements about a new book and there is no news of one forthcoming. However, this could always change in the future so fans should keep an eye out for any updates!

How Does the Book Bring Me Back End?

Assuming you are asking how the book brings you to the end, or how it concludes: The book concludes with the protagonist finally understanding what brought her to the end. She understands that she was looking for something that she never really had, and that she was running from something that she should have been facing.

The book is ends with her at a new beginning, ready to start fresh.


B.A. Paris’s new novel, Bring Me Back, is a suspenseful and heart-wrenching story about love, loss, and redemption. Finn and Layla are young and in love, but when Layla disappears one night during a party at their friends’ house in the French Alps, Finn is left brokenhearted and consumed by grief. Ten years later, Finn is finally moving on with his life when he gets a phone call from Layla’s mother.

She tells him that Layla has been found alive and well, but she doesn’t remember anything about her life before she disappeared. Finn is overjoyed at the news but also conflicted – does he want to know what happened to Layla all those years ago? And can their relationship survive if they find out?

Bring Me Back is an emotionally charged rollercoaster of a ride that will keep readers guessing until the very end.

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