Bible Study on Angels by Douglas Connelly

Angels are creatures that God created to serve him and carry out his will. They are mentioned often in the Bible, both in the Old and New Testaments. In this study, we will look at what the Bible says about angels, their role in God’s plan, and how they interact with humans.

We will also learn about some of the different types of angels mentioned in Scripture.

In his book, Angels: God’s Secret Agents, Billy Graham said that the Bible is “God’s love letter to mankind,” and that within its pages we can find everything we need to know about God and His will for our lives. In this spirit, Douglas Connelly leads a Bible study on angels-from their origins in Genesis to their final defeat of Satan in Revelation. Connelly starts by asking what an angel is.

He defines an angel as “a created being who serves and worships God.” Angels are not all-powerful or all-knowing; they are created beings who have been given specific tasks by God. They are also not immortal; they live as long as God wants them to live, and then they die.

Next, Connelly looks at the origin of angels. He says that they were created by God before He created the universe itself. This means that angels are not part of the natural world; they are supernatural beings.

It also means that they are not subject to the laws of nature (such as gravity or thermodynamics). This makes them very powerful creatures indeed! After looking at the origin of angels, Connelly turns his attention to their role in salvation history.

He says that angels have played a significant role in both the Old and New Testaments. In the Old Testament, angels appeared to Abraham (Genesis 18) and Moses (Exodus 3), among others. They also protected Israel from her enemies (Joshua 5:13-15) and led her through the wilderness (Exodus 14:19).

In the New Testament, an angel appeared to Mary (Luke 1:26-38) and announced Jesus’ birth; he also appeared to Joseph (Matthew 1:20) and warned him about Herod’s plot to kill Jesus; finally, an angel ministered to Jesus after His fasting in the wilderness (Matthew 4:11). connelly concludes his study by looking at what happens to angels when we die. He says that there is a difference between good angels and bad ones.

Good angels go to heaven when they die; bad ones go to hell . We don’t know much about what happens to either group after death, but we do know that both groups will exist forever .

Bible Study on Angels  by Douglas Connelly


What is the Bible Study on Angels

Angels are mentioned throughout the Bible, from the time God creates them in Genesis to their final appearance in Revelation. They are His messengers and servants, sent to protect, guide and comfort us. In this Bible study, we’ll explore what the Bible has to say about these amazing creatures and learn how we can partner with them in our daily lives.

Who is Douglas Connelly

Douglas Connelly is a Christian author, speaker, and pastor. He has written over 100 books, including the best-selling The Jesus Chronicles series. He has also been a featured speaker at numerous conferences and conventions.

Douglas currently serves as the senior pastor of Cornerstone Church in Nashville, Tennessee.

What Will I Learn from This Bible Study

This Bible study will teach you how to live a Godly life. You will learn what the Bible says about various topics such as salvation, forgiveness, redemption, and love. Additionally, you will be able to apply these truths to your own life so that you can grow closer to God.

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Bible Studies for Women

Bible Studies for Women The Bible is full of inspiring stories and passages that can provide guidance and comfort to women of all ages. There are many different types of Bible studies available, catering to different schedules, interests, and needs.

Here are a few popular options for women looking to study the Bible: 1. The Life Principles Study Bible- This study Bible includes commentary from best-selling author Charles Stanley that covers topics such as forgiveness, temptations, relationships, and more. It also features over 500 “Life Principles” that can be applied to daily life.

2. Praying God’s Word by Beth Moore- In this 10-week study, Beth Moore leads readers through a journey of learning how to pray Scripture back to God. Each week includes five daily lessons that consist of Scripture reading, reflection questions, and space for journaling prayers. 3. The Quest by Beth Moore- The Quest is a 12-lesson study that challenges women to accept the invitation into an exciting new adventure with God.

Through engaging video teaching sessions and weekly homework assignments, participants will explore what it means to live a life worthy of Christ’s call on their lives. 4 . Hungry Heart by Jennifer Rothschild- This 7-session study helps women understand how God designed them for His glory and good purposes.

Through personal testimonies, biblical teaching, and group discussion questions, participants will learn how to embrace their unique gifts and talents in order to better serve God and others. 5 . Lies Young Women Believe by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth & Dannah Gresh- In this 8-week study , young women will learn how to identify the lies they may believe about themselves, others ,and God .

They will also be equipped with the truth from Scripture that sets them free from these lies .


In the blog post, Douglas Connelly looks at what the Bible has to say about angels. He starts by looking at some of the different roles that angels play in the Bible, such as messengers and protectors. He then looks at what angels are like, both in terms of their appearance and their character.

Finally, he looks at how we can learn from angels and what we can do to cooperate with them.

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