Betrayal by Harold Pinter

The play is about the betrayal of trust between friends and lovers. It is a dark and disturbing play that explores the nature of human relationships. The characters are all damaged people who are unable to trust or be honest with each other.

The play is full of lies, manipulation and cruelty. It is an unsettling and uncomfortable play that will leave you feeling disturbed long after you have seen it.

There are few things more devastating than betrayal. When someone we love and trust betrays us, it can feel like our world is crumbling. We may question our entire relationship and wonder how we could have been so blind.

Harold Pinter’s play Betrayal is a masterful exploration of this painful emotion. The playwright demonstrates how betrayal can slowly poison a relationship, ultimately leading to its destruction. Pinter’s characters are complex and fully human, making their betrayals all the more gut-wrenching.

We watch as they hurt those closest to them, often without even meaning to. And yet, we also see the hope that comes with forgiveness and redemption. If you’ve ever been betrayed, or if you’re simply curious about this dark corner of the human heart, Betrayal is a must-see play.

Betrayal by Harold Pinter


What is the Plot of Betrayal?

The play Betrayal by Harold Pinter is a story of an extramarital affair between Jerry and Emma. The play spans nine years and details the gradual disintegration of their marriage as a result of the affair. The play begins in 1977, with Jerry and Emma meeting for lunch at a Chinese restaurant in London.

They reminisce about their past, when they first met and fell in love. We then see a series of flashbacks that span from 1968 to 1977. These flashbacks detail the progression of the affair, from its beginnings as an innocent flirtation to its eventual destruction of both Jerry and Emma’s marriage.

In the final scene, set in 1977, we see Jerry and Emma meeting for lunch once again. However, this time there is no warmth or nostalgia between them; their conversation is cold and awkward. It is clear that the affair has taken its toll on both of them, and they will never be able to go back to what they had before.

How Does the Play Betrayal End?

The play Betrayal by Harold Pinter ends with Robert and Jerry meeting in a bar after not seeing each other for seven years. They reminisce about their past and the events that led to their current situation. Jerry reveals that he is now married to Emma, who was once Robert’s wife.

This revelation shocks and angers Robert, who had been under the impression that Emma was still single. He then leaves the bar, vowing never to see Jerry or Emma again.

Is Betrayal a Good Play?

Betrayal is a play by Harold Pinter that was first staged in 1978. The play is about an affair between two people, Emma and Jerry, and the events that occur after the affair is revealed. The play has been praised for its tense and suspenseful plot, as well as its exploration of human relationships.

Many critics have noted the ways in which the playwright uses silence and pauses to create a sense of unease and tension. Overall, Betrayal is considered to be a successful play, both commercially and critically. If you enjoy tense dramas with complex characters, then Betrayal is definitely worth checking out.

Is Betrayal Still on Broadway?

No, Betrayal is not still on Broadway. The show closed on December 8, 2019 after 33 previews and 85 regular performances.

Betrayal 1983

Betrayal Harold Pinter Pdf

Harold Pinter’s Betrayal is a play about love and betrayal. The playwright uses reverse chronology to tell the story of an affair between two people, Emma and Jerry. The story begins with Emma and Jerry’s final meeting, which is also the moment when their affair ends.

From there, the play moves backwards in time, revealing the events that led up to this moment. We see how Emma and Jerry first met, fell in love, and ultimately betrayed one another. Pinter’s use of reverse chronology allows us to see how the affair unfolded from start to finish.

This gives us a greater understanding of why things happened the way they did. It also allows us to empathize with both characters as we witness their struggles and pain. Betrayal is a powerful play that explores the complex emotions involved in an affair.

If you’re looking for a thought-provoking read, then I recommend picking up a copy of Betrayal today.


In the blog post “Betrayal” by Harold Pinter, the author discusses how he was betrayed by a friend. He describes how he felt when he found out and how it has affected his life since.

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