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The book ‘Behold a pale horse’ is widely known for its phenomenal conspiracy theories against the US government. Many conspiracy theorists of this generation and also of the former think that some shady figures like – aliens, secret cults, etc. control our government and its people. Cooper was one of them, considered the best conspiracy theorist of his age, and also was the forerunner of the conspiracy theorists of the present world.

‘Behold the pale horse’ is a controversial book for its unique type of content. Many countries have already banned the book from public reading and purchase. As the writer claims, the book holds many of the nasty state secrets of the US government, their plans to rule the world with a single government system, treaties between humans and extraterrestrial beings, the connection of the US government with secret societies such as the ‘Illuminati’, etc.

In the following section, we will briefly navigate you through this phenomenal and one-of-a-kind book of the late-20th century.

Book details

Book Name Behold a Pale Horse
Author Milton William ‘Bill’ Cooper
Publisher Light Technology
Genre Controversial Literature
Pages 500
Size 16.6 MB
Format PDF
Originally Published 1991

Behold a Pale Horse PDF


An overview of the book

This unique name of the book came from The Holy Bible, The Book of Revelation, Chapter 6, Verse 8. The fundamental section of the book consists of 17 chapters. In these chapters, Bill Cooper, a former member of the United States Naval Intelligence Briefing Team, discloses previously unrevealed state secrets to the public eye. Since the 1940s, these pieces of information have been preserved in top-secret government files. As he writes on the killing of John F. Kennedy, the war on drugs, the secret government, and UFOs, his listener hears the truth develop.

“Behold a Pale Horse,” Cooper’s best-known book, is a convoluted, meandering, and befuddling collection of conspiracy ideas. These include claims that JFK was assassinated by his driver, the uncovering of a plot to destroy Jupiter, and the disclosure of a treaty between president Eisenhower and the extraterrestrials. Yet, there is also reference that ‘the whole scenario about aliens is the greatest hoax in the history of humankind’. Bill correctly anticipated the fall of the Berlin Wall, the dropping of the Iron Curtain, and the invasion of Panama. All of Bill’s forecasts were made public long before the events took place.

The writer in this book referred that most of humankind is living in an illusion and need to be awakened to the truth. The truth about how they are being controlled and toyed with by some shadowy forces. He warned his audience to always be on guard and never to trust anyone.

Cooper, in this book, sincerely hoped to inspire his audience to begin an earnest search for the truth.

The controversies and the death of Bill Cooper

The controversy began to hike up when the writer, Bill Cooper was gunned down to his death by the US government officials. The death of the writer raised the question that ‘if the pieces of information were just any words of a mad man, then why did the government have to eliminate Bill Cooper?’

Bill was not a ‘psychic’, his source of these pieces of information was from highly confidential intelligence documents. And this also raises the question that ‘why a high-ranking military personnel would talk about something straight out of a fantasy book?’ This confusion provoked his audience to start the search for the truth and gave birth to a new generation of conspiracy theorists.


The core philosophy behind this book was, ‘one basic truth can be the foundation of thousand lies, and if we dig up that truth, the mountains of lies will be demolished’. Through this book, Cooper made an attempt to awaken even those people who had no desire to be awakened. It is told that this book has influenced a whole generation of Rappers and greatly influenced the Hip-Hop music. Many conspiracy theorists claimed that William Cooper, through this book, planted seeds of QAnon movement.

Throughout this reading journey, you will witness many thrilling and gruesome state secrets unveiled to your eyes. Whether you take that information as a fantasy tale or as the truth, the writer has bestowed that decision upon you.

So, without further delay, start reading.

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