A Monster-Fest Envelopes The Pathfinder Bestiary Core Rulebook

To say that the pathfinder bestiary is a monster fest is an understatement. This second edition core update that was released in 2019 features over 400 of them. So those that love these RPG Monsters will be in heaven.


Paizo made several core changes to this iteration of the pathfinder bestiary pdf. And one of those changes was to go big by adding over 300 monsters in its monster index.


  • The Authors are Logan Bonner, Stephen Radney-MacFarland, Jason Bulmahn, and Mark Seifter.
  • Published by Paizo Inc.
  • Released Date is August 1, 2019
  • Release Type: Core
  • Rules set from the Pathfinder Second Edition
  • The Series is a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game
  • It Follows the Pathfinder Core Rulebook
  • And it Precedes the Pathfinder Gamemastery Guide


The format of this book also follows the simple formula of stories past. There are mainly two types of entries. The first being the standalone relatively straight forward monster. And the other is the multipage monster that rolls over several pages with its features and skills.

The Monsters

The Ravener is one multipage monster that seems to be an octopus dragon mix and one terrifying beast. It is an enchanted dragon that is undead, and when it kills someone, it can eat their soul so that it can heal itself. What could be better than that?

The monsters constitute the age of demons and can cast spells that rule this world. For example, once giant animals, the monsters grew in power and eventually became equals to the fiends and the dragons.

The reason why these monsters became so powerful and wise is a mystery that no one knows.

There are monster families that have the most potent force is their vast base of knowledge.

During the war between demons and the other monsters, the families have to align with each other.

The Index

The monsters had studied the Prophecy now for thousands upon thousands of years. And as the war reached its end, a new and unusually clear fragment was revealed. It was foretold that the monsters would not survive the last clash of the war. Along with many of the other, lives would be taken in the greatest of battles.

However, this did not happen. Much confusion and revolt shook the foundation of the population. The Prophecy, the base of all existence, had spoken false. The monsters had fled, and a significant number of them died.

Though the gorgons were victorious, many considered it a dark day, filled with despair and recklessness. This is the dark secret of the creatures of old, kept hidden from the young and those within the groups like the Chamber.

Solar and the Jabberwock

Solar and Jabberwock are the most powerful monsters in this series. Solar is a good guy, and his power is drawn from the +44 holy greatsword and his multitude of spells that make him powerful indeed.

Jabberwock is a powerful monster indeed in the dragon family. His Jabberwocky poem by Carroll helps him at some point in the adventure. And his special relationship with the unique vorpal blades adds to his mystique.

The Spiral Centurion had turned their backs on the alliance, and they and their family fled and went into hiding. The Telstra have no intention of letting the past grasp them, and are continually fleeing from the Prophecy and their destiny.  However, all they know is to inflict pain.

Their ultimate goal is to destroy the Prophecy for good. Feeling captured in this world by the Prophecy, they want to truly become liberated and gain the free will that the Prophecy has taken from them. They view the Prophecy as false and wicked, and that they are the only ones who understand this. Spread all across the afterlife.

Tactical Strategies

The Tactical Information is on the sidebars, and it helps to bring the story along more smoothly. You can run the gamut with most of the typical tactics. The Tactical information also allows the GM on how to survive encounters with many of the monsters. This can include the specific monster to the powerful ones.

Very few people know about the upper monsters, and even fewer know about their true nature. However, Paizo has done an excellent job of enhancing animal-based anomalies. For example, a hippo would quickly kill a human, but they have a super monster hippo that can inflict much pain and even capsize boats.

Fear the Monsters

You might remember the most ancient creatures and although most push away the monsters’ stories as blasphemy and fools’ tales. Mothers tell their children stories about the Super monsters, coming to snatch them in their sleep if they don’t behave, but no one believes the words to be valid.

It is essential to understand that some monsters are not overtly evil beings plotting to kill all humans and take over the world. While it is true that some of them use drastic methods and some genuinely are of evil alignment, they generally believe their cause to be rightful and for the greater good.

They are beings that consider the Prophecy to be keeping every creature in the world a prisoner that only exists to enslave the other monsters. The monsters work toward the demise of the Prophecy above all else. There is no reason to fear them…unless you stand in the way of their plans.

Some of the monsters consider themselves above or outside the Prophecy, and indeed, it had not mentioned them in recent history. Of course, only small fragments of the Prophecy are known, so it is hard to say if the monsters genuinely have escaped the Prophecy’s grasp or are still crawling within its net.


The monsters are very easy to overpower in the game as you go along, but the draw for many is the sheer number of these monsters you encounter. They help you cultivate tremendous patience when you strive to ensure that their actions will help you move on with the story and vanquish them.

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